How to Create Opt-Ins That Attract Your Ideal Client

by Tarryn Reeves

You may have heard the term opt-ins being thrown around but what exactly is it?

You know when you go to a website and there is a little box on the home page which says ‘sign-up now to receive your free checklist of five ways to re-purpose your content’ or something along those lines. Then you can choose to enter your name and email address and in return, you receive the free thing (usually via email). That is what an opt-in is.

An opt-in is a marketing strategy in the form of a free offering in exchange for contact information. What that person has achieved by offering you something in exchange for your contact details is to capture your information in order to email market to you in the future.


How exactly does an opt-in work?

You offer something of value (free of charge) to a potential client via a subscriber box on your website. That person gives you their information which you then store in their email database. The subscription then triggers a series of automated emails to be sent to the potential new client delivering their free thing and starting to build up trust and a relationship between the two of you.


What is the purpose of an opt-in?

I like to think of an opt-in as a first date. Now you’re not going to get married on the first date (unless you are starring in Married At First Sight!) so you need to treat this sign up as the start of your relationship with a potential new client. Once they sign up, you have now successfully captured that person’s contact information which you can use to further your position as an expert in their field and continue to market to them with the intention that they will purchase from you at some stage in the future.


The client journey through the opt-in

The person will sign up for your opt-in and receive the first email. Which will deliver the free thing they signed up for and start the relationship between your potential client and you. I would then recommend sending a further two emails in the automation. With a period of two days wait in between emails. The second email will aim to further position you as an expert in your field and nourish the new relationship. By offering more value to the potential client. The third email will again nourish the new relationship by providing further value and then making a clear call to action such as booking a discovery call with you to see if you are a fit to work together.


How to craft the perfect opt-in

There are many different things you could offer as an opt-in incentive to draw in new leads. A few of the most common opt-ins include:

Mini training
Video series
Swipe file
Masterclass recording

The key thing to remember when developing the idea for your opt-ins is to provide something that your ideal client would find useful. Something that will position you as an expert in your field in the eyes of your ideal client.

Once you have that clear, you can go about creating the content for it, keeping in mind that you want to attract your ideal client. Make sure it looks professional, high-quality, and has your branding all over it!

Next, you need to come up with a name for your new opt-ins. You can go as fancy as you like with this but I would advise keeping the naming clear but enticing. You want people to read it, be excited by it, and understand exactly what it is they are getting when they sign up. Any confusion will result in hundreds of lost leads as people will just scroll on by.

The next step is to write up the copy for the email sequence you are going to walk your new potential client through. As I mentioned before, I recommend a minimum of three emails but this is essentially up to you. I like to draft my copy in a Word document first before setting them up inside my chosen email system.

  • Email 1
    Sent: immediately at the time of subscribing.
    What: This is the email that will deliver the free item to your new lead. I would also recommend adding something extra of value here to further nourish the relationship.
  • Email 2
    Sent: a minimum of 2 days after the first email has been sent.
    What: a little reminder to download the free item if they haven’t already and addition of further value to further nourish the relationship.
  • Email 3
    Sent: a minimum of 2 days after the second email has been sent.
    What: Something that would be of further value/interest to your ideal client, furthering your position as the expert. This is the place to include a strong call to action such as to book a call with you.

After you have written the copy, you need to create the automation inside your chosen email system such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, e.t.c.


The next step

Is to build the sign-up for the opt-in box on the home page of your website. Include an enticing headline, place for the person to add their full name and email address along with a button that will submit the form.

Once that part is done, you can link the form on the website to the email automation and test! Always ensure you test the whole flow of the client journey to ensure you are happy with it before sending it out into the world.



Tarryn Reeves is a Business Freedom Mentor who has helped countless women to create the businesses that bring them the financial and personal freedom they are seeking. She teaches spiritual entrepreneurs how to share their unique message and talents with the world, connect with their soul clients and create a business that fulfills and supports them.

After years of following the expectations of others to follow a traditional path, Tarryn discovered that conventionality was not for her. After being made redundant (and pregnant at the time), she realised that she now had the opportunity to start creating a life that was truly fulfilling for her. She established her own successful business when her daughter was just 6 weeks old.

Tarryn Reeves is brilliant at helping overwhelmed business owners turn their chaos into ease. There is no idea too big or too out there that she cannot help bring to life. She is a genius at helping women turn their soul’s yearning into a profitable business that impacts widely.

Tarryn Reeves will give you the tools and support you need to organize, grow, and scale your dream business.

Tarryn Reeves is a mother, chai lover, yogi, and has a wicked sense of humour. An avid gardener, she loves to explore alternative ways of living. She is equally at home running a Full Moon ceremony and nutting out a marketing funnel for her clients.

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