How To Follow Through On Your Career Goals


by Chrysta Bairre

You’re stuck. Stuck in the same career rut you were stuck in six months ago- even a year ago. Your business isn’t growing, and maybe you’re making enough money to get by but you’re tired of just getting by.

Time and time again you’ve decided enough is enough- something’s gotta give! You create goals to move your career forward. But even when you try to be proactive, well, somehow you end up right where you started.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve tried everything,” or, “No one will ever see me for more than I am”.

Maybe you’ve got a great new business idea but you’re scared to risk what little financial stability you have to take a chance in business.

If you’re really ready to get unstuck, I promise it is possible to move forward in your business. I’ve done it again and again in my career.

I went from growing up in poverty to becoming a successful accountant to becoming a successful career and business coach. I didn’t go to college and I didn’t let that stop me. I was hired as a receptionist at my first professional job where I was quickly promoted to the bookkeeping assistant. I was promoted from an accounting specialist to a financial analyst. Over and over again I was able to move forward in my career and business by following through on my goals.

And you can, too. I’m going to tell you how to follow through on your career goals, and this works for your business, too!


how to follow through on your career goals

How to follow through on your career goals


Know where you’re going

Take some time to consider where you want to go in your career and why you want to go there.

The why is important because it will motivate you to move forward. As long as you’re willing to accept where you are, you won’t make the changes necessary to reach your goals.


Look where you’re going

When riding a motorcycle you quickly learn to look where you’re going because the direction of your bike will follow your line of sight. If you’re not paying attention, you could end up in another lane.

Yeah, it pretty much works that way for your career, too.


Have a clear path

Take the time to research what steps are necessary to achieve your goals. You may need to reach out to your network, your mentor, or your coach to map out the path you need to take.


Make mini goals

Break your big goal down into mini-goals. These mini-goals should be simple, easy, and actionable steps that will eventually lead to your big goal.

For example, your mini goal could be to polish your LinkedIn profile, website, or resume.


Prioritize your mini goals

Which steps will be easiest to accomplish? Which steps will bring about the biggest change? Do the easiest and biggest result steps first.

Prioritize your mini goals and focus on one at a time.


Celebrate your accomplishments

Celebrate every win, no matter how small! Celebrating each small step helps encourage you to stay on track.


Give yourself a break

Don’t beat yourself up when you have a setback. And I promise you, you will have setbacks.

Don’t worry, though, we all have setbacks, and experiencing a setback is usually a sign you’re making progress.


Ask for help

We all need help and everyone who’s successful has had help along the way. Ask for help when you need it.

Maybe the reason you haven’t made progress is you tried to do it alone. Get help from a friend, colleague, mentor, or coach.


Adjust as necessary

I’ve never ended up exactly where I was headed, have you? Be prepared to adjust your path and your goals as needed.


Don’t give up

Remember that last time you gave up. Yeah, didn’t get you very far, did it?

Don’t give up on yourself. Reconnect to your why. Revisit your accomplishments. You can do this!


Keep moving forward

Above all, keep moving forward.

What are your best tips for following through on your goals?




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  1. kiran sahu

    Even more important than giving the “right” answer to potential employers, is to reflect and authentically determine what you REALLY want for your life. This is something so many miss as they give in to traditional thinking and limiting beliefs of what they are capable of. Get authentic with yourself and then take every action possible that supports those goals.

  2. Mindvalley Academy

    Thank you for informative & really needed a post about Career Goals.

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