How to Get Out of Email Thread & Attachment Mayhem


by Erica Wiley

Stop Getting Lost in Email With This Simple Project Management Tool

How many times a day do you hunt through your email looking for a communication from your VA or an attachment from a client?

When I added up all the wasted time searching in email, well, I did more than cringe- I found a better way.

Whether you have an in-house team, or your a solopreneur , you’ll find this solution can’t be beat for ease of use and accessibility.

Don’t wait- check out this video now on how to manage projects with tasks and documents all in one place!



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One Reply to “How to Get Out of Email Thread & Attachment Mayhem”

  1. Erica Wiley[ Post Author ]

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    I haven’t delved as far deep into Asana and what I’ve gathered is that the components are very customizable.

    That said, too much options can often take away from the beauty of simplicity- which is why I think Siasto fits the bill for more direct projects, smaller teams, or the avg person who doesn’t want to deal with a big learning curve just to implement a software.

    Thanks again for watching and sharing your thoughts!

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