How to get through the work day with high energy

by Sharin Shaik

Have you ever felt like you’re giving your heart and soul into your work but feel depleted by midday? Or you get to the end of the day and you have nothing left for yourself, your family or your friends?

Here’s how to keep our energy bright and clear during and after your work day and how to move forward into your fullest potential:



Before starting your day and working, it’s really important to have a time frame or a space where you can focus on yourself. You might want to get up earlier to do this.

Do something for yourself that fills you up with joy and happiness because doing this will set up your whole day. For me, I’m always at the beach or going for a walk in the morning before starting my day. When I worked in a corporate environment, I used to find a break room and do some morning yoga or go for a walk around the block. Adding these little moments of enjoyment & self-love at the beginning of your day can make yourself feel satisfied and ready to take on the day with more readiness and energy.



There are also few things that you can do in your workday but one of them that I found really helpful is the waterfall technique. During or after a meeting, visualize that there is a waterfall around you that is washing away anything that is coming into your field, imagine the waterfall coming over you and cleansing you.

Along the lines of taking your power back, take a moment to visualize golden thread going out of you going to wherever your attention is going and then visualize bring the golden threads back to your body, breathe the golden threads back into your body. It can sometimes be attached to a thought or a person.

It’s important to do this for social media as well, because we are giving our energy and attention to the people we see on our screen. Through this technique, you can bring your precious energy back to yourself.



When you get home, it is really important to have a transition time and not just jump into rushing into making dinner or prepping your next day. Take some time to transition into home so you are not bringing all your work and work stress back home.

Whether you work from home or in an office, you can shut your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Allow yourself to stop and be still even just for a minute or two. If you need to, tell your partner or others at home that this is what you’re doing so that they respect your space.



Sharin Shaik: Empowerment and intuitive coach.  I help highly sensitive women go from overwhelmed and disconnected from their power to creating a life in alignment with their truth so they can experience abundance and freedom. Learn more here.




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