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How to Grow Your Business: 6 Tips

My business is just over a year old. It’s a baby. There are things I NEVER thought would happen for me. And yet, they have. All of them within the space of about three weeks or so. I can tell you exactly why they’ve happened, and what I did to make them happen. These 6 tips will show you exactly how to grow your business, soooooo…

Grab a cup of coffee, set aside some time, open a notepad, and let me share with you a few things that I’ve learned that are working for me. Because you’re here to rise, lady.



In the beginning…

Let me start by saying that I started my business from my car. I was doing care work, and I decided that I needed to start my copywriting business because I needed to be in control of my own time, earnings, enjoyment…all the reasons we start a business, right? I didn’t start my business with money. I didn’t get a loan. I’m not married to a wealthy man. I have started, built, and scaled this business only with the incredible advice from other people who’ve been in my position. But that’s it.

The beginnings of my bizz are not extraordinary or different. I bootstrapped. I started it as a side hustle, and when the business was making enough money, I resigned from the care job and went full-time as a copywriter with The Story Team.

But if you’re like me, you want more. You want clients who pay more. You want to stop working from 6am to 12am. You want visibility for your business. VISIBILITY is KEY when growing your business. This is what I’ve done to make that happen:


1. Regular (ass-kicking, REAL, raw) content

A commonly asked question is how to grow your business online. Well, I started a blog. I’ve only been doing it for several months, but putting out regular content has literally made my business do a 180. It’s allowed people to see who I am. It’s an incredible way to connect with your ideal client on issues that you feel really strongly about. It doesn’t all have to be raw and depths-of-your-soul intense. That would be too much. But you should definitely create content about stuff that moves you.

I’ve written blogs about being harassed on a train, feminism, periods (yup!), everything! Create it. Share it. And if people respond to you and comment on it or like it, engage with them. Talk to them. Ask them who they are and what gets them excited. Connection creates conversion. Connection, connection, connection.


2. Engage with other people’s content

Find a few podcasts and listen to them; find a blog and read it. Regularly. Weekly. Every time it comes out. Comment on it. Say what resonated with you. Explain why you loved it. Offer up your own perspective. Share it. I started doing this a couple of months ago, and I’ve been invited onto Carol Cox’s podcast. She’s someone I’ve been following for a long time and I LOVE her message and her mission. She’s got a huge audience, and my business is going to be in front of them. That is GOLD. Again…connection, connection, connection.


3. Optimise LinkedIn and connect with people there

LinkedIn is powerful, lady. Like…I didn’t realise how powerful. LinkedIn and I aren’t total BFFs yet, but we’re getting there. The thing about LinkedIn is that it used to be SUPER professional. Like the top cats hung out there and did BUSINESS. It’s relaxed a lot, but all the bigwigs are still there. So should you be. Optimise that account. Get your bio talking to people (there is a formula for this). Get a pro headshot up there. Tell people what moves you; what your mission is. Share other people’s content (but only if it resonates with you). When you share it, comment on it as well. Don’t just share it. Give your opinion. Talk about it. Establish your credibility. Use that big, beautiful, powerhouse brain.


4. Get onto people’s lists…but there’s more!

I’m not saying get onto everyone’s lists, because NOBODY has time for that. Get onto the lists of people in your niche. People in your industry. People who have an audience that look like your ideal audience. Get on the list of people who make you excited about their work. And then REPLY TO THEIR EMAILS. Firstly, they love that someone took that time to acknowledge their weekly email. And secondly, it might spark a conversation that leads to something magical. Don’t sell to them. Don’t talk business. Talk about why you resonate with them and their work. I’ll say it again….connection, connection, connection.


5. Business development

Even if you are jam-packed with clients from morning to night, you need to work on your business every single day. Every. Day. I spend two hours on my business every morning from 6am. It could be writing my blog, or putting together my weekly email, or listening to a podcast, or planning my socials, or applying for work. Do it every day. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that our situation can change in a heartbeat. If your business is in a constant state of progression and development, it will come out on top.



I’m not joking. All this content creation, connection, emailing people, responding to people…it doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not being you. That’s what makes you stand out. That’s how you grow your business.

People won’t always reply. But the ones who see you for who you are, and LIKE who they see, will engage with you. And you’ll find yourself in front of a whole new audience.


Strategies on how to grow your business…the final word

I know this can all be scary. I’m sitting in it myself, and some days I am scuuuuuured. But I have some other things you can do to boost your business’s visibility in three weeks. You’ve got this, lady. Go forth and conquer.



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