How to Hit the Day's Reset Button

How to Hit the Day’s Reset Button by @finickydesigns

How to Hit the Day's Reset Buttonby Melody Christian | Featured Contributor 

Pursuing my business full time and working from home for myself has been an interesting transition (to say the least) full of surprises. I think if I had all of the energy in the world and life’s circumstances predictably moseyed along like clock-work, the entrepreneurial lifestyle I envisioned would actually come to pass.

But life unfortunately isn’t boundless amounts of energy and predictable life situations.

I know you’ve been there: your alarm goes off (you planned on fully relying on your body clock once you started working for yourself… but you’re afraid you wouldn’t wake up until noon). You lay there, motionless, exhausted from a night of barking dogs and waking children. You make a quick breakfast, take a shower, get your husband and/or kids out the door just in the nick of time, and answer urgent emails from your phone which turns into a 30-minute social media browsing session. Then you find yourself sprawled out on the couch, staring at the ceiling, unmotivated – no energy – no real reason. The day is gone, right? Might as well “clock out,” slip back into your PJs, and catch up on the latest season of Modern Family.

What if there was a way to press the reset button on our day? A super-charged-do-over button that catapulted us back on track?

Well, don’t get your hopes up – because as far as I know, there’s isn’t one. But there are some things we can do to press that highly desirable metaphorical reset button, and salvage what’s left of our day. (Heck, it’s only 8 am at this point!)

 How to hit the day’s reset button:

  1. Unashamedly take that moment to yourself. See, you’re lying on the couch right now for a reason. Whether the reason is good or not, you’re there. So push aside the shame, and take that moment to yourself. Do with it what you need to do. Whether that’s reading an encouraging chapter from a book, taking a five minute cat nap (I’m a firm believer in naps), or just staring at the ceiling a few minutes longer – don’t rush this moment. Give yourself permission to take it.
  2. Regain focus. This could look like a quick yoga routine, meditation, prayer, journaling… shake it out of your system, take a deep breath, and remind yourself of what you need to focus on for the day. What do you want out of this day? When you lay your head down on your pillow tonight, what will make you feel accomplished?
  3. Make a list. Yep, I’m “one of them.” I love lists, and sometimes my catastrophic slump is due in part to being entirely overwhelmed with what the day holds. So make a list of your priorities. What are you going to tackle first? What do you not have to do today? Is there anything you need to remind yourself of – such as a client meeting?
  4. Schedule your next fun thing. Sometimes the only thing waiting for us on the other side of a big, tedious project is lunch (and you know you’re most likely going to work through it). Obviously that doesn’t boost our motivation levels, so plan something fun for the day and schedule it in! That might be a craft, walking the dogs, or talking to a friend.
  5. Just do it. Not to quote Nike or anything – but enough with the planning and deep breaths already! Just dive in and DO IT. Pep talk yourself (benefit to working from home is that you can do it out loud), stand up and shake out your arms, get yourself psyched-up for this marathon of a day you’re about to run – then go after it!

A lot of people don’t understand just how difficult our days can be working for ourselves from home. So go easy on yourself. Take the really crappy days to yourself when you need to. But know that just because it’s 8 am and you’re on the couch unable to move, this day doesn’t have to be deemed a total loss!


Melody Christian with Finicky DesignsMelody Christian is a brand designer and creative business owner who’s crazy about her tribe of inspirational, passionate storytellers. In January of 2015, she launched her life’s calling, Finicky Designs. Through Finicky Designs, she helps devoted writers form incredible brands that propel their words.

Working as an in-house designer for over five years, she’s also pursued her freelance side-hustle in the evenings and on the weekends. She likes to joke that she works day and night (but no, really, she works day and night). Only seven months after launching Finicky Designs, she’s decided to pursue it full time to create a life of freedom and fulfillment. Currently in the transition of the “big leap,” she’ll be saying goodbye to her nine-to-five forever on July 15th of this year.

Melody firmly believes it’s her life’s calling to help as many writers as she can through her brand design expertise. Writers’ stories deserve to be heard, and that they deserve to work with a designer that understands and supports their dreams.

Melody lives in the Colorado mountains with her personal accountant (the husband) and two spoiled dogs. She’s slightly obsessed with Pantone colors, foxes, french toast, and chocolate breaks. You can find her on Twitter. Or if you prefer a more behind-the-scenes look at her life—connect on Instagram.

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