How to Know You’re Ready to Start a Business with Your Best Friend

by Erin Jaibur

We’re sure you’ve heard not to mix business with pleasure (and don’t get us wrong, that definitely still applies for certain scenarios). But for us, doing just the opposite was the best decision we’ve ever made. We’re best friends who opened up our own medical spa a few years ago, and our lives have been filled with immense success, growth and joy ever since. But, before you jump into a new business venture with a friend, it’s important to make sure your worlds align professionally and personally. Here are a few ways to know for certain that you’re ready to open a business with your BFF.

Does your Work Ethic Align? Do Your Values?
This is the first and most vital step in determining your compatibility as business partners. It’s crucial to know with 100% certainty that you share similar professional values before opening a business together. Honesty, dedication and ambition are some crucial characteristics that should align for you as both friends and business partners. You should be stronger together than you are apart. Because our values align so well, we have created a culture in our business that allows us to push our craft to the next artistic level. No matter what industry you’re thinking of getting into, be certain that you and your friend share the same vision and will do whatever it takes to get there.

You Communicate Openly
If you have an issue in your friendship, do you tackle it head on with maturity and honesty? Or do you ignore it and hope it goes away on its own? How you handle conflict with your friend is another major indicator of your success level as business partners. We never hide anything from one another as friends, and we especially don’t now that we own a business together. Bottling things up never ends well, and it’s even more crucial to communicate with transparency when your business is on the line.

You Trust Each other Fully
Relationships are nothing without trust, and the same can be said for professional relationships. If you don’t fully trust one another, it can result in conflict, micromanagement and tension. You may not be able to make every single decision together as a unit, so it’s vital that you trust one another to do what’s in the best interest of your business when you’re apart.

There Isn’t Competitiveness Between You
There can’t be an iota of competition between you and your business partner in your personal or professional relationships. In our industry especially, there is often cattiness and competitiveness and that isn’t how we wanted to run our business. Our practice has an atmosphere of tolerance, love and acceptance. We want one another to succeed because that’s a win for both of us and for our business. It can’t be a matter of ‘who can do this better;’ it must be ‘what’s the best solution for our business overall.’

When you work with someone you genuinely care about, it can make for an incredible environment. You can go to work everyday not only being your own boss, but walking into a place where you know you are loved. Opening a practice together has deepened our friendship and greatly increased our quality of life. So our last piece of advice: share laughter every single day, celebrate your wins together, and push one another to be better everyday.


Christine McMackin, MSN, FNP, NP-C
is a certified family nurse practitioner with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners who has been working within the aesthetic industry for two decades in numerous and diverse capacities. Christine is a certified advanced injector of neurotoxins, dermal fillers, biostimulators and growth factors.

Tobi Baker-Daigle, RN
is a leader within the aesthetics field and a highly specialized Cosmetic Registered Nurse Injector, with over a decade of experience in the medical field. She provides the most current and result-oriented, non-invasive procedures, with as minimal downtime as possible for her clients.


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