How To Overcome Obstacles in 5 Minutes by @EllieBurscough

by Ellie Burscough

When you are on the cusp of getting EVERYTHING you want……

Life can throw you obstacle after obstacle.

Health problems
Relationship issues
Emotional eating
Clients leaving
Extra expenses
Natural disasters

You name it. It can all come your way at the same time.

These obstacles have come your way to prove that you really want it.

When all these obstacles and challenges come your way you can choose one of two paths –

1. Play the victim. Why me? Blame others. Judge. Criticise. Act out for attention and sympathy. Listen to your stories and limiting beliefs as if they are reality. Stop. Give up. Give in.


2. Stare these challenges in the eye. Look at them with excitement instead of fear. And realise that on the other side of all of this is the breakthrough. Is transformation.

Whenever myself or my clients have obstacles or triggers we use a simple strategy. This strategy builds self awareness and allows you to overcome obstacles fast, so you can keep moving forwards.

Write the following questions in your journal and answer them any time you have a trigger in your life.

  1. What was the trigger?
  2. What was my reaction to it?
  3. What are the positive lessons and learnings?
  4. What positive action can I take to move forwards?

I created this exercise in 2016. Here is what I answered then.

  1. What was the trigger? – I had a lot of clients leaving all at once.
  2. What was my reaction to it? – I got angry and defensive and made it all about me.
  3. What are the positive lessons and learnings? – It wasn’t about me at all. This was happening because I was stepping up. Some clients will step up with me, some will fall off and that’s ok. This is creating space for more new, amazing people to come in.
  4. What positive action can I take to move forwards? – I walked down the road to a healthy cafe and took time out for myself. (changed my state and environment). I journaled and found the lessons and learnings. Then I went back to my apartment, got on sales calls with my new attitude and made $13 000 in two hours.

If I hadn’t have done this journalling activity I either would have blocked myself on those sales calls or not even picked up the phone in the first place.

This is a simple exercise you can do in as little as five minutes, that can drastically change your mindset and your life.


Ellie Burscough is a Coach, Writer and Speaker. She supports entrepreneurs to create their best life possible and make a massive impact in the world. She has spoken at events, retreats and businesses around the world including Virgin, Snap Fitness and school groups.

She dyes her hair bright colours all the time, loves music, tattoos and adventure. She is a Mum of two beautiful children, who she travels around the world with. She is currently loving life in Portugal.

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  1. Gina Mitchell

    Great advice Ellie!

    1. Ellie Burscough

      Thanks Gina. Appreciate you .

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