4 Reasons Why Rejection is Crucial to Your Business by @sarahforsuccess

by Sarah Gleeson

One of the most relatable experiences among successful women is that they’ve all faced rejection at some point in their lives. It can be devastatingly impactful when something that has been desired does not materialize. It can sabotage potential, terminate opportunities and kill dreams.

What defines successful women differently from others is how they allow that rejection to influence them. Understandably, the feelings of disappointment and a resulting lack of confidence can be overwhelming.

In business there will be pivotal moments where you will need to make important and difficult decisions. Responding to rejection will be one of those moments. Quitting will most definitely be an option. But, so will persistency.

Here are 4 reasons why rejection is crucial to your business.

1. Personal growth will not be an option, it will be a result!

Many times personal growth programs have to be scheduled when it is convenient or affordable. However, when you experience rejection you will be forced to re-evaluate your personal and business strategies. Determining why something didn’t work or figuring out how your behavior influenced the outcome; these are examples of how you’ll grow personally and professionally. Questions like these will influence who you need to become in order to build the successful business that you desire.

2. You’ll realize that your best feedback doesn’t come from your best friends

When you are deeply involved in what you are doing, you will create filters that change the way you see things. Everything becomes personal when it shouldn’t. One of the hard lessons to learn from rejection is that you won’t be able to please everyone. Stepping out of your ego and allowing both positive and negative feedback to mold your thoughts and actions can make a huge difference. Your clients and customers are the perfect source for critical feedback and you should listen to them. If they don’t like what you’re offering they won’t buy it. And, if they’re not buying from you, you’ll be out of business.

3. Thinking out of the box will become an asset not a necessity

I know you’ve heard the cliché “to think out of the box” before. But, have you ever considered why it gets said so often? Truth is you’re a problem solver if you’re in business! Customers and clients have problems and they look to you for solutions. When you get rejected, it forces you to think more creatively. Once you have established a routine that involves results based problem solving you will master any obstacle that your business encounters.

4. Flying high is seldom smooth so expect turbulence

A straight trajectory from start-up to success probably won’t happen. You’ll be faced with detours and decisions that could change the direction of your business at any time. When you experience rejection it can become a moment for re-evaluation. Being rejected forces these moments to occur and that’s not a bad thing. The odds for your business to continue on the right path are drastically improved when re-evaluations are added routinely into your business planning.

Ultimately anyone who puts themselves or their business out to the world opens themselves up to be rejected. It is an experience as necessary for success as are the victories. The idea of rejection conjures up fear for many women but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When you understand how to use it for growth and improvement you will undoubtedly become a better business woman and build a better business.


I am known as the B.S. Buster. As a High Performance Consultant and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist I help companies and individuals to change their game and up-level their potential by creating new ways to think bigger, take action and achieve better results.

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