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How to persuade people like a boss by @mominbusiness_

Vanessa Cast

3 principles of persuasion that will help you get the most out of your business

Think about it, you create a product that you know it can help many people.

But you are helping nobody because you don’t know how to persuade them to say yes.

When you have an offline or online business, being able to convince people that what you are offering provides real value is a priceless skill.

You can have the best product or service.

But if you failed to persuade people to say yes and move forward, you’re going nowhere.

What can you do?

Rober Cialdini is the master of persuasion and the author of Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion

He identified 6 universal shortcuts that guide our decision-making.

Here you have 3 of them, you can read about the other 3 in this blog post!

You just need to address these 3 principles in an ethical manner and people will be scientifically proven more inclined to say yes to your requests.

1 Reciprocity

When we do something for others, it creates a sense of obligation from them when asked for something in return.

Remember the Law of Reciprocity when you’re working on your digital marketing strategies.

You need to give your visitors the information up-front, be helpful and transparent, and offer them something of value.

Amazon is a great example.

Kindle customers can choose to download a free sample of an ebook, which is the first 10% of the book.

The free samples never expire, so you can keep them for as long as you like until you decide to buy the full ebook.

2 Scarcity

People want more of those things there are less of.

When British Airways announced in 2003 that they would no longer be operating the twice-daily London-New York Concorde flight because it had become uneconomical to run.

Sales took off the very next day.

It becomes a scarce resource.

You need to point out what is unique about your proposition and what they stand to lose if they fail to consider your proposal.

3 Authority

People follow the lead of credible knowledgeable experts.

You can hardly go around telling potential customers how brilliant you are, but you can certainly arrange for someone to do it for you.

Go and find the authorities in your niche, provide value to then so you can get their attention and make you worthy of mention.

Next steps

Test your business, website and social media strategy against these 3 principles (remember there are 6 principles in total), if you lack one of them, find a way to adapt your marketing strategies to cover it.


I wish you happiness, love and the courage to live your life according to your priorities ♥

Vanessa Cast


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