How to Promote Your Online Business on Quora by Veronika Vaghina of @x_cart

by Veronika Vaghina

Let me guess: you are an online business owner who is always looking for a new way to promote your online store or a person who is only thinking of starting a shop. Well then, you’re in the right place as today I want you to consider Quora as a part of your content strategy (spoiler: it’s free & effective). Let’s start!

What Is Quora?

Quora is an American Q&A site where everyone can ask anyone any question and get a decent answer.

If you have never heard about this website, you need to check this link out first. There you’ll learn how this website works, where you find your topics, why people adore it so much and how you can benefit from using it.

How to Promote Your Online Business on Quora?

Create a Quora account, fill in the information, add a link to the website you want to promote in bio.

Choose topics that reflect your niche and your target audience’s interests. Subscribe to the topics to see the new questions and answers, follow questions and subscribe to the users already registered on Quora. In other words, join the community.

Think of the information that you could share: your blog posts, tutorials, or just something you’re good at.

Then look for the questions where this information could be used as an informative answer that actually helps people. This is the key point of Quora marketing: it doesn’t matter how desperate you are in your attempts to promote your business. The first thing you should care about is being useful. People will upvote a good answer and, let’s be honest, it helps not to get banned.

Add links to your website and mention your brand in the answers you write. You should be careful here as it’s easy to get banned. So make sure this exact link is in the right place and brings real value. A seamlessly added link does not make you think for even a moment that you just want to promote your business.

Create a content plan. The more often you answer, the more views you get. Try to answer at least once a week.

Add examples & pictures. These answers get more upvotes and also appear in Quora Digests more often. (To find out what Quora Digest is and how to get in there read the article mentioned above).

Repeat the steps, notice what works better for your business. Change your plan on the go if necessary.

I’ve described an affordable way to get more traffic to your website. Of course, there’s an opportunity, too (but I’m not talking about it this time). It’s up to you now — to follow the tips or to wait for another opportunity. Good luck!



Veronika is a Marketing Manager at X-Cart. The company provides X-Cart, an open-source eCommerce platform, along with the full range of services for online business. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and reading.

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One Reply to “How to Promote Your Online Business on Quora by Veronika Vaghina of @x_cart”

  1. Elizabeth Anne

    I have always wondered about Quora. So often, it comes up in a Google search to some question I’ve relied on the internet to answer for me. I’ve thought about the contributors. “Who are these people?” and “What makes them experts in their field?” Your post totally answered both of those questions for me!

    More than that. You’ve shown me how I could be one of “these people” and show what I know to folks who don’t yet know me.

    Thanks, Veronika, for the practical tips. I’m going to seriously consider how I might be useful as a Quora contributor.

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