How to Skyrocket Your Traffic By More Than Double Thanks to This Platform by Caz Wilson of @socialkitchenlv

by Caz Wilson | Featured Contributor 

This platform is one of my favorites for driving traffic to a website and for growing brand awareness.

No doubt you know this platform well, but probably you would not think to use it for business. Or maybe you do and you’ve seen how well it can work. In either case, I hope here to make a compelling argument for why, Pinterest is something you should be using to drive traffic to your website.

Although Pinterest isn’t a social media platform in the traditional sense, Pinterest is thought of more as a search engine, almost like a visual Google. Because of this, Pinners have a certain bias and are in a searching frame of mind when they come to Pinterest. They’re looking for a solution, for help, for ideas, and for inspiration. If your business is what they find, and they like what they see, they’ll go ahead, click through on the pin and more often than not, continue to buy your product.

Pinterest is a must if your business targets women, operates in the wedding or the fitness industry or is very visual (think home decor, party planning etc.). When set up correctly and used consistently, Pinterest can be the greatest driver of traffic to your website allowing you to remarket to these highly interested people and overall provide great value to them.

Thyroid Refresh, a lifestyle support platform for thyroid patients, attribute a significant amount of their daily traffic to Pinterest. They launched their membership site in the Spring of 2018 and prior to their launch, we worked to build their audience with useful, helpful pins and a strong identifiable brand. One of the amazing things about Pinterest is that, unlike other social media which you might be using, a pin lasts forever and can gain momentum. We, therefore, created consistent, eye-catching pins to establish Thyroid Refresh in the market. Useful, value-adding infographics also worked well, all of which pointed to the website.

As Thyroid Refresh grew on Pinterest, it started to establish more and more traffic from the pins and the re-pins. After they launched, Thyroid Refresh published more content which their audience just loved. Pinterest is the perfect platform for a pre-launch strategy.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you about the power of Pinterest. If you’re looking to get started, here are some quick tips to get you started, or to get your Pinterest working harder for you:

1. Create boards and content which your audience will love

Have a clear idea of who your target audience is and what content they will enjoy. Then curate boards with that audience in mind. Your goal is to be a resource, a place for inspiration for your audience.

2. Have a strategy to consistently pin content

As with most platforms, Pinterest loves consistency. Plan to pin once a day, or better yet, set a scheduler like Tailwind to do the heavy lifting for you!

3. Create incredible pins

As with anything online, quality content is king and this runs true for Pinterest. Great headlines, eye-catching pins and quality content will go along way on Pinterest as people read, pin and then repin your content

Putting these super simple tips will work wonders for your Pinterest efforts and get you started to maximizing this platform for your business.

What questions do you have about Pinterest? Leave them in the comments below…

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    Tailwind is awesome, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s definitely made using Pinterest less time-consuming.

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