How to Unlock Your Feminine Power & Increase Your Income

by Joanne Ameya Cohen

Women entrepreneurs are inundated with the notion that in order to be successful their business should reflect a feminine model. Telesummits, teleseminars, and programs tout that embodying your feminine nature will increase your bank account.

And I have to agree. If you are to run a successful business, there are feminine qualities that will allow you to nourish yourself, slow down and dream, and of course, use your intuition along with your rational mind to make important decisions. All in all, this will give you more freedom, both personally and financially. Freedom is what many of us are seeking, yes?

And yet, there is a piece missing in all of this. How are we to use a feminine business model when many of us are still figuring out what it means to be a woman in 2014? We are often more comfortable in our masculine energy of doing and taking action. From a young age, we are taught to strive and achieve more so than to slow down and listen to the inner wise woman within.

So, we are left with many women feeling disconnected from or even confused about their own feminine nature. Images everywhere remind us that our menstrual cycles are a disturbance, our intuition is to be ignored, our bodies do not work properly, and vulnerability is considered a weakness. Spending our lives with our number one priority being the avoidance of our Feminine nature is a losing battle. Did you know that 40+ million women are suffering from menstrual cramps, chronic yeast infections, painful sex, mood swings, low libido, fertility challenges, fibroids, weight gain, heavy bleeding, and/or endometriosis? And not only that, they are getting used to their symptoms as normal.

It is time to come back into a relationship with our Feminine. This is truly the first step in running a business from a feminine perspective. If we do not relate to our full feminine glory, how can we run a business in a more feminine way?

Here are 3 practices that will assist you in becoming a Healthy Feminine Leader.

As women, we are innate nurturers. We enjoy caring for others and being of service. And yet, many of us are overburdened, overwhelmed, and depleted. We are trying so hard to please others and fit into a male-dominated world that we have forgotten to tend to our own resources. If we are to be the changemakers this world so desperately needs, then we must nourish the vehicle through which we offer our gifts. Imagine how much more powerful of a nurturer you will be (hint, hint… you are constantly nurturing and holding space for your clients to transform!) when you make your self-care a priority. Think of one self-nurturing act that would leave you deeply nourished. Schedule this in your calendar to be done in the next week.

Feminine Inquiry
Every woman reading this article has a different definition of what it means to be a woman. Take out a piece of paper and write down a detailed list. This becomes your roadmap. Every day you can do something (wear more feminine clothes, turn off your phone at 6 pm, have an afternoon off per week, journal, increase your pleasure thermometer, dance, etc) to claim MORE of these qualities. Owning who you are as a woman allows you to truly experience more of your feminine energy.

Align with Natural Rhythms
As women, we are aligned with the Earth’s natural rhythms. Our menstrual cycles mimic the tides of the Ocean and the phases of the moon. For many of us, we have become disconnected from Nature as we sit at our computers, talk on our cell phones, and eat our meals on the go. I invite you to reconnect… put your bare feet on the Earth, take a moonbath (stand in the light of the full moon), and set aside time every day to go outside. When we align with the natural rhythms, we come back into alignment with our own feminine rhythms.

When we follow these 3 practices, we own who we are as women. Embodying our feminine essence allows us to access the divine spark of creation that exists within us. We birth our gifts and expertise in the world. We claim our power. We use our voices. We heal our reproductive and hormonal health issues. We attract ideal clients and charge what we are worth.

Personal and financial wealth awaits you.

Joanne Ameya CohenJoanne Ameya Cohen shows women entrepreneurs who are struggling with hormonal and reproductive health issues (fertility issues), PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, mood swings, low libido, excess weight) how to heal themselves holistically and in the process, have more access to their feminine essence and ultimately, claim their role as Healthy Feminine Leaders.

Joanne combines her expertise as an Herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Psych-K, and 12 years of Counseling to facilitate deep transformation in women’s lives. This makes her an ideal mentor for any women who is ready to reacquaint with her Feminine Power.

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2 Replies to “How to Unlock Your Feminine Power & Increase Your Income”

  1. Becca

    Wow! Thank you so much Joanne for the lovely insight. I especially love how you touched on connecting with natural rhythms, right up my alley!
    I am excited to check out your blog more!

  2. Bewildered Bug

    Wow this is an amazing post. I have to admit the moon bath thing had me going “wha?” at first but I completely get what you’re saying. I think I needed the reminder that it’s okay to be feminine in this male-dominated world, especially since I’m in a male-dominated career. I love the idea of making the list – I’m completely going to wake up and make that while I’m having breakfast tomorrow morning!

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