International Business Heat Map [Infographic]

Heat Index
Source: International Business Degree Guide

International Business Heat Map

From recovering from the recession to leaving the third world. Here are the best business climates on Earth.

THE U.S. has fallen to twelfth in international business heat.


–Sub-saharan africa
The second fastest economic-region of the world has been aided by high commodity prices and increase in foreign investment. Safety and infrastructure need to improve, however, for every African country to truly be ready for international business.


Asia is massive, and a land of massive inequalities. In Asia’s developing countries, energy security is strongly related to outside investment. Intra-regional trade and opportunity closer to home has led to more sustainable economic growth.


–Latin America
Latin America ranges from fully-developed nations such as Chile and Argentina, to low-development nations in central America. While many nations are seeing improved macro-economic policy, education, and industrialization, long term success will largely depend on the export models of individual countries.


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