It all started with a Podcast Interview…


It all started with a Podcast Interview…


January seems like a long time ago; I was asked to be a guest on a Podcast to share my expertise on getting booked as a Speaker.  After the interview, my host mentioned that he was part of the education committee for his local chapter of Entrepreneurs and felt my topic was a great match for the group.  I was not only honored but truly excited for this opportunity, it was a quick drive for me and a Keynote opportunity….one that was unpaid.  After chatting briefly with their Educational chair on the phone, we set a date for April.  During this time, I invited two guests, one current client (so we could finally meet in person) and one colleague (whom I’ve known for a few years, but again, excited to meet in person).  The day arrived for me to produce my Keynote and I met so many people, I met my client and colleague in person and was able to do a giveaway in lieu of payment for the event. 

Afterwards, I had several leads to follow up with, one audience member became a client and my colleague soon joined as well.  Because of that event, I booked two more Keynotes, one for the following year and the other in November, both paid small amounts but allowed me to do a giveaway after I finished my talk.  This event led to additional lead forms, two more lunch keynotes booked at two other locations, and another new client. 

This series of events continues to produce leads so I can close sales…all from one Podcast interview.  The financial side has been worth it, better than if I had been paid a flat fee for each and the possibilities and opportunities are continuing to unfold as I work the same leads from each event. 

Why am I sharing this story? Because every opportunity that comes your way plays a part in your journey…and you get to decide what part.  What if I had decided not to take that initial interview in January?  What if I would have turned down that Keynote in April because it was unpaid?  Work your opportunities to the fullest, people need to hear your message.  So many of us talk ourselves (or let others do it) out of opportunities that could lead to so much success.  Keep sharing your message!   




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