Keep Calm & Think SEO

keep-calmand-think-seoby Marianne D’Alessandro

If you want your online content to gain traction, you need to know about SEO – search engine optimization.   One of the main areas of SEO is keywords.  Without those keywords, you’ll make it difficult for your audience to find you online.

Why not utilize the SEO approach with your presentations?  In my blog post Keep Calm and Get to the POINT, I talked about staying focused and getting your message to your audience immediately.

Keywords are imperative!  Make your keywords your SEO:  significant, exciting, and objective!

Select appropriate words to make that point. An SEO for presentations should include:

  • Significant – use words that have significance, along with stories and examples that are significant to your point.
  • Exciting – bring life to your presentation with words and adjectives that create emotion and excitement.
  • Objective – know your intent, and be factual and tangible.

Everyone in the audience wants to take away a message so focus on optimizing your keywords so that they are remembered by every person in the audience.  Don’t make the audience search for the message … just like you don’t want them to search for your website!  Utilize those keywords to give your key messages and your audience will be your followers!

Keep Calm and use the SEO approach!


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