Author: Marianne D'Alessandro

Marianne D'Alessandro is the owner and virtual assistant for TimeFlies-Admin Services. She takes her extensive 30+ years as an executive assistant in the corporate world and transfers t into virtual support for small to medium size business owners. Marianne’s business motto: Use my time not yours! Marianne’s desire to support, help and volunteer has her instructing with CLC Canada - offering courses which promote confidence in public speaking and serving on the Board of Directors of Food4Kids Hamilton Halton, an organization focused on helping to eliminate child hunger in our community. She loves giving presentations, being the organizer and right-hand person to her clients, and keeping it fun. There’s always a way to get things done and still have fun and balance in your life. Marianne offers a free TIME chat session because there’s always a way to find a bit of extra time in your day or week.

Money Can Buy Happiness

by Marianne D’Alessandro The true old saying tells us that money can’t buy happiness.  I have to disagree.  Money can buy happiness. Top health problems are related to stress – heart disease, asthma, obesity and headaches are all stress-related ailments. Stress is one reason for arguments, relationship problems, and business failures. So if we can […]

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C + E = S

by Marianne D’Alessandro Over the past few weeks, I’ve had many similar conversations: entrepreneurs hiring people who go missing in action or just don’t deliver as expected.  I guess I don’t really understand it.  I can’t imagine taking on work and then not providing the expected service or at least, in some courteous manner, explaining […]

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Virtual Assistant – A Vital Role in your Entrepreneurial Journey

by Marianne D’Alessandro Well, you’re on your journey as an entrepreneur – whether you’re new or established, you just can’t do it alone.  The biggest question I’m asked over and over again is what does a virtual assistant do?  For me, it’s a pretty difficult question to answer. When you think of the corporate world, […]

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Keep Calm and Wrap It All Up

by Marianne D’Alessandro This being the final blog in the 6-part Keep Calm presentation skills series, I thought we should wrap it all up.  We talked about calming the nerves, getting to the point, dealing with nervousness, making it about YOU, and think SEO. Think of your presentation as a gift – a gift you […]

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Keep Calm & Think SEO

by Marianne D’Alessandro If you want your online content to gain traction, you need to know about SEO – search engine optimization.   One of the main areas of SEO is keywords.  Without those keywords, you’ll make it difficult for your audience to find you online. Why not utilize the SEO approach with your presentations?  In […]

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Keep Calm and Make It About YOU

by Marianne D’Alessandro I’m sure a few of you may remember the early days of PowerPoint – when we created our presentations and then printed them on transparencies.  Now those that don’t remember are asking, why did you print them?  Well, we did not always have access to data projectors and in case something did […]

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Keep Calm and Get to the Point

by Marianne D’Alessandro Okay, I admit I have a pet peeve.  Everyone’s time is valuable and yet, I see so much time wasted building up to the point of a presentation.  Make “the point” clear right from the beginning. This morning, I watched a webinar replay.  I wasn’t able to watch it in “real time” […]

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