Virtual Assistant – A Vital Role in your Entrepreneurial Journey

Virtual Assistant - A Vital Role in your Entrepreneurial Journey

by Marianne D’Alessandro

Well, you’re on your journey as an entrepreneur – whether you’re new or established, you just can’t do it alone.  The biggest question I’m asked over and over again is what does a virtual assistant do?  For me, it’s a pretty difficult question to answer. When you think of the corporate world, what does an executive assistant, a clerk, a personal assistant do?  There’s so many tasks to list.

I like to focus on the word assistant.  As an entrepreneur, you can’t do everything yourself.  Well, I guess you can but you’ll certainly work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and who wants to do that!  So that’s where an assistant comes in handy.  A VA works with you, supports you, handles tasks that ease your workload.  They are a helper, a partner, a cheerleader.

How do you define what tasks to give away?  My first question is always: what frustrates you?  What do you do on a regular basis that you wish someone else could do for you?  In most cases, someone can!  So why frustrate yourself with tasks that you don’t like doing or don’t have time to do, when you can have someone else do it.

One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is I don’t  know everything and I don’t want to do everything in my business.  I want to focus on what I love … what brings me business … what supports my clients.  I’m pretty sure you want the exact same for your business.  There’s no point weighing yourself down when there’s plenty of help out there.

Enjoy your journey!




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  1. Dona

    It’s a fact that virtual assistants are a real help in the journey of entrepreneurs .Virtual assistants can provide entrepreneurs even with valuable business ideas since they will be dealing with different clients.

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