Money Can Buy Happiness

by Marianne D’Alessandro

The true old saying tells us that money can’t buy happiness.  I have to disagree.  Money can buy happiness.

Top health problems are related to stress – heart disease, asthma, obesity and headaches are all stress-related ailments. Stress is one reason for arguments, relationship problems, and business failures.

So if we can eliminate some stress in our lives, we can be happier in our relationships, be healthier and run successful businesses.

Common ways to relieve stress include:

  • Going for a walk or a workout
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Deep breathing
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Do something you enjoy

But what about getting the help you need to alleviate the workload in your home and in your business.

  • Cleaning service for your home
  • Lawn service or snow removal service
  • Home services such as grocery delivery or organizing
  • Bookkeeper
  • Virtual assistant

We often feel that we can’t afford the services so we just continue being stressed and overloaded.  It’s not doing any good!  These services come at different price points so you can negotiate to fit to your budget.

The best term I heard when I started my business was “money flows”.  Somehow, when you decide that you need to rely on a service to help you maintain balance, the money follows.  Maybe it comes from the extra time you have not worrying about the service; maybe it comes from more time to sell; or maybe it was there all along.

Money can buy happiness & health & wealth!

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