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7 Power Moves For Entrepreneurial Success

by Elaine Slatter

Entrepreneurial success can happen if you follow our key 7 power moves.  A successful business is a series of building blocks.  Once you have these fundamentals in place, all you need to do is rinse and repeat.  Here are our power moves.  They form an important foundation for entrepreneurial success.

1)  Find A Mentor

Why a mentor?  Think of a mentor as your business advisory board.  A great mentor will listen to you, guide you, open up doors for you, help you overcome roadblocks and keep you accountable.  Find the right mentor that fits where you are on your business journey.  Are you a startup, a mid-size company or something else. What do you need help with?

Not sure where to find a mentor?  Ask your entrepreneurial friends, check out your contacts on LinkedIn or contact entrepreneurial organizations such as your local Chamber of Commerce to see who offers mentorship programs.

Connecting with and asking experienced entrepreneurs in your field whom you admire to mentor you is priceless.  You will be rubbing shoulders with people who have achieved the success you are looking for. Be specific when asking for help.  Exactly what do you need?

2)  Network

Business networking can be scary for some people, but it doesn’t have to be.  Networking is key to building your tribe.  Finding like-minded entrepreneurs with whom you can develop a long-term relationship with is golden.  Not everyone is an extrovert but that shouldn’t stop you from going out and meeting people face to face or connecting online.

If you are still anxious about how to network effectively, listen to our podcast with featured guest, Darcy Roberts, a certified business coach.  Her helpful tips will help you to relax and enjoy meeting new people and building a vibrant group of entrepreneurs.

Networking also helps you build your team and a community among potential clients.  It will become your referral base.

3)  Create A Professional Presence

Are you true to your brand?  How you present yourself to the world is so important.  On all your social platforms (even your personal ones) make sure you are always professional.  From your bio, to your posts, to your photo, how you present yourself in person… all of it is critical to your success.

Yes, celebrities and politicians can get away with less than professional postings and behaviors, but in the long-term, even they will lose fans and support.  Don’t let that be you.

4)  Become An Expert

Are you known as a reliable, go-to expert in your field?  If not, keep working on getting the best training in your field and then presenting your expert advice in a book, workshops, special events, as a speaker or on platforms such She Owns It.  Over time, with consistent exposure, you will become that sought after person in your field.

5)  Market Your Business Effectively

Target the client base that can afford you.  Offer a taste of your services with an irresistible offer, but make it limited, and time sensitive, so it is exclusive.   Don’t forget to address these key points in your offer,

Why people need it

What problem will it solve

How you will solve it and why you are the best person to solve it

Where will you deliver this offer (online, in person, at an event)

Automate your sales funnel and remember that you will need at least five touch points to get people’s attention in this busy connected world.

Don’t forget to charge what you are worth. Your price points will determine the kind of clients you will attract.

6)  Leverage Other Experts To Enhance Your Product/Service

How do you do this?  One of the easiest ways is to interview people for your videos/podcast/books.  How do you get people to say ‘yes’? Just ask, you will be surprised at the results.  I’ve asked dozens of people to offer their expertise for my entrepreneurial startup book, Fabulous Fempreneurship and for a new book I’m researching. I’ve only had one person turn me down.  Why did I get 99.9% of people to say ‘yes’, even though I haven’t even personally met most of them?   It’s easy, people like to be recognized for their expertise and want to share their knowledge.  And don’t forget your experts all have business friends too who will help promote your product/service.

7)  Follow-up

The secret sauce to every business is to exceed your customer’s expectations.  Give them superior service by meeting your deadlines and communicating well. This means having a great follow-up system. Nothing should fall through the cracks, ever.  If you can’t fulfill your promises due to unexpected circumstances, communicate this news, too and have a rescue plan.

These 7 power moves will help you build a lasting, sustainable and successful business that you can be proud of.


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