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Keep Calm and Wrap It All Up

by Marianne D’Alessandro | Featured Contributor

This being the final blog in the 6-part Keep Calm presentation skills series, I thought we should wrap it all up.  We talked about calming the nerves, getting to the point, dealing with nervousness, making it about YOU, and think SEO.

Think of your presentation as a gift – a gift you are giving your audience.  And when you give a gift, there are many elements in that gift.

1.     You thought about it and selected something just for them.

2.     You packaged it nicely.

3.     You handed it to them with excitement.

4.     And you enjoyed seeing their smiling face as they opened it.


This is what you want to do with your audience.

·       Prepare a presentation for your audience.  Customize to the needs or the request.

·       Use an organized format to present it.

·       Get them excited and keep them interested by using personal stories.

·       And when it’s all said and done, they’ll be inspired and you’ll feel awesome.


Everyone can give a great presentation. It takes a bit of effort and sometimes a bit of courage.  Give the gift of your experiences, your stories, and you’ll always be successful.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the previous blogs, you can find them here.

This Keep Calm series was for you and I hope you enjoyed it.  I’d love your feedback.


Marianne D’AlessandroMarianne D’Alessandro knows how busy an executive can be. Marianne has been an Executive Assistant for 30+ years. She has supported many, many, many senior level execs and is now working toward her own virtual assistant business. Her goal is to save time for her clients by looking after their admin tasks. When it comes to public speaking, she conquered her fear more than 20 years ago by taking, and now instructing, the Christopher Leadership Courses of Canada. The highlight for her was traveling to China to train instructors to teach the course there! Marianne loves seeing people take the challenge and conquer the fear by “taming those butterflies!”

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