Key to your beauty is exercise

Key To Looking Beautiful Is Exercise

by Pavlina Toren

I am sure there are many of you that have made a New Years Resolution to get fit and exercise this year. Did you know that exercise is one of the best ways to look your most beautiful? We all know that we exercise for looking good and being healthy but exercise is also responsible for how our skin looks. With regular, moderate exercise, the following benefits can be yours—for free!


Key to your beauty is exerciseEXERCISE BOOST CIRCULATION

I am sure you have noticed the healthy glow you have when you leave the gym. Well that is the immediate benefit of exercise. The effects of poor circulation can be anything from slow wound healing, dull skin and even cellulite. Even though the beauty market is full of products that can help with these the absolute best way to improve circulation is through exercise. Exercise improves oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin giving you that beautiful glow.



Once oxygen has performed its role in the body, it’s broken down into free radicals. Free radicals are not our friends, they effect the firmness of our skin. Our bodies need antioxidants to keep the free radicals in check, as we exercise our body produces antioxidants helping our skin stay firm and looking young.



You have all heard that exercise raises your levels of endorphins (the feel good hormone). As your “feel good” hormones kick in while you exercise your stress hormones begin to lower. This is why we feel so relaxed, optimistic and happy after a workout. So instead of reaching for that bottle of Pinot Grigio to help you unwind, why not squeeze in a nice workout? Your skin will thank you.



Telomeres are protective structures that cap the ends of our chromosomes, as we age, telomeres naturally become shorter, and our cells become vulnerable to aging and dull looking skin. Regular exercise coupled with a healthy lifestyle lengthens telomeres giving us that glowing beauty.



Even though there is no scientific explanation for this it is a proven facts that as we work on our bodies whether it is loosing weight, getting firm or just changing your lifestyle it gives us confidence. One of the things that make a woman beautiful is her confidence. So show it off daily.



Not only does exercise help skin resist the signs of aging—it can also reverse it. When we exercise, the body undergoes productive stress (i.e. the breaking down and rebuilding of muscles) and as a result, the body releases a cell-rejuvenating substance, the benefits of this does not just help our muscles but extends all the way to our skin leaving us looking and feeling beautiful.

Keep working hard on conquering those New Years fitness goals and gain the added rewards beautiful looking skin.


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