Top 3 Keys To Building a Profitable Online Business

by Silvia Pencak

Starting an online business isn’t always easy; it takes time, commitment, patience, and some technical know-how, if you are to get it right. However, I want to share with you a shortcut to building the most profitable online business fast and on the budget.

Regardless of the type of business, one thing is for sure, the goal of every online business owner is to make money. Looking at online presence from this perspective, there are some key elements to keep in mind if you want to be profitable.

1. Build a magnetic website

First of all, you want to make sure you set up a website with all the elements that will make it attractive to a wide audience. It will take a little knowledge of the internet to get it right, but the rewards will be well worth it. Check my The Quick Start Online Business Blueprint for navigation on how to setup a website that makes money fast.

2. Build your audience

A profitable online business must also be able to make use of the available technology. If your online business is going to become an income earner, then it is necessary to master the keys of setting up and maintaining a high traffic website. It always breaks my heart to meet entrepreneurs who invested time, energy and money into their great looking site just to find out that no one cares. Being a success will take more than just setting up a good looking website, it is also about building a strong foundation for your online business. That includes knowledge of technical stuff like SEO, keywords, links, layouts, titles, and other content. Attracting the right prospects in large numbers. You need to be strategic about the way you run your business online.

3. Sell products and services that your clients want and need

In order to be profitable, a business must provide a product or service that will be valuable to others. People are always willing to part with their money if they are getting something that they really want. So your business ought to be able to create value and generate benefit for others. This is very often the case with the information product business. This type of business is very successful, as it satisfies the main demand people have when using the internet, and that is to get information. Offering e-books or audio recordings with information that people want to get their hands on can turn your business into success fast.

Silvia Pencak, the Founder and CEO of Magnetic Look works with small to medium size businesses who are looking to create, improve or leverage their positioning on the internet and increase their profits. Our programs and services are designed to strategically move your business forward, helping you to attract and keep all the clients you need in order to run a successful business. If you are just starting up online, you will love her The Quick Start Online Business Blueprint, a step-by-step system taking you through the online clutter to having a highly profitable business presence online.




Silvia Pencak is the Online Business Strategist helping startups, small and medium size businesses get the most out of online space. Her passion, knowledge and strategic thinking provide great input to those who are looking to stand out and thrive in today’s tough market. Check out her free course “7 Pillars To Building a Magnetic Business Online” at and transform your business into a magnetic and profitable brand today.

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