How to Develop Killer Content That Knocks the Socks Off Your Clients

by Shelagh Cummins

Have you seen the videos of “experts” who are talking like robots into the camera as they read their scripts? Or podcasts that are delivered in such a monotone voice you want to gouge your eyes out? Or blog posts that are similar to watching paint dry?

Badly delivered content can do more damage to your business than sharing no content at all. It takes away your credibility and affects people’s perception of you.  People want to do business with those they know, like and trust.  If your content damages that relationship, you will find your sales dwindling.

Here are 3 tips to help you develop killer content that will knock the socks off your clients and keep them looking for more.


1.    Establish credibility and vulnerability

Your audience is looking to connect and relate with you on a personal level. They want you to be approachable and… human. No robots talking into a microphone. No statues staring at a video camera reading a monologue script. Let your guard down, stop being the “expert” standing on your soapbox, just be you… having fun!

Smile, let people learn about you, tell a memorable story, share some expertise in succinct points, give your audience something to think about and leave them with an actionable item (something they can implement immediately that will help them).


2.    Design your content backwards

Huh? Backwards? Start at the end? Yup.

Before you do anything, clearly identify your learning outcomes and learning objectives.

In a nutshell, a learning outcome is a broad statement that outlines what your audience will know, think and be able to do at the end of your delivery.

In contrast, a learning objective is a clearly worded, detailed statement that outlines what the participants will have learned and how they will demonstrate their learning.

Why is this important? Outcomes and objectives create a blueprint to focus and build your content and provide a platform to assess the effectiveness of the delivery.


3.    Know thy audience.

Use words and references that lets your audience know you are part of their world.  Cite examples that your audience will connect with, that is age and gender appropriate.

When I work with mom entrepreneurs, my content is peppered with references to my kids, to being a mom, and poking fun at my sleep deprivation.  We all can relate.  When I presenting to a room of sales guys from a large corporation – I can guarantee there are no nursing or childcare references. I reference a current event, or a funny story that applies to their world.

The style of language you use will vary according to your audience. If you are talking to teenage girls, your style will be very different than if you were talking to a room of chartered accountants.

Know your audience.

What are your tips for developing killer content? How do you keep your audience wanting more?




Shelagh Cummins is a Business Trainer and Consultant at, a boutique firm specializing in training and content strategy for women in business. She works with experts, authors, coaches, and speakers – people who have loads of content that the world needs to hear. Shelagh curates, organizes, repurposes and develops materials to offer your loyal audience. She advises on how to package them as perfect solutions by turning knowledge into tools to sell.

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