Launching a Business During Covid-19


Starting on the road to entrepreneurship and launching a business during Covid-19 means you have to develop great communication skills and find a way to launch quickly.  So how do you accelerate your launch?


Start with “WHY” you are Launching Your Business During Covid-19

It’s important to have a passion and for your purpose in starting your business.  Without this passion or “why”, then you are going to be miserable.  Yes, because entrepreneurship is hard, hard work and your passion has to carry you through the first few months when you are CEO of everything!  If you can find a team of collaborators who share your passion, then you are off to a great start.


Test Your Concept

There are quick ways to test using social media to gauge whether there is a market for your idea.  Facebook and Instagram are easy ways to get launched.  Put up a Facebook and Instagram business page and before you spend a ton of money on advertising, see what response you get from these platforms.

High school kids have been very creative in launching fabulous businesses while taking classes from home.  Perhaps this sock and t-shirt idea from two students in Canada will spur some ideas.

You can also put your items in the buy and sell marketplaces on Facebook for additional exposure, without paying for advertising.


Shop Local

During this last year, supporting local businesses has been more important than ever.   Since 70% of businesses are small/medium size entrepreneurs, they are the very backbone of any economy.  So for this reason, launching a business during Covid-19 you are doing it at a time when people are hypersensitive to shop from small business.  Take advantage of this by telling your launch story.


An Interview with Leigh Mitchell

We recently sat down with Brand Strategist, Leigh Mitchell, to discuss the strategy for launching a business during Covid-19.

In this fabulous podcast you will learn:

  • Know your skills and strengths and impact on the world
  • Business setup from sole proprietorship to an incorporated company
  • Getting over your fear and launching even if not everything is perfect!
  • Find a mentor


Click here for the link to the podcast.


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