Lessons on Momentum: 3 Ways to Increase Your Connection & Authority With Your Prospects

Team Wiley & Team Andros


by Erica Wiley

We had the pleasure of kicking of the month with one of our clients Maria Andros, the Video Marketing Queen, at her Momentum 2013 event in Hollywood.

It was a five star act; Amazing content and some of the brightest talent and professionals. These weren’t people procrastinating on an infinite list of domain names. These were action-taking, move-busting entrepreneurs.

The really cool thing was that these were Maria’s people. She had a full 3 day event with each seat filled with her ideal clients. From stage she did some informal polling of the room and I was shocked to see how many people were new to her list and had signed up for this event off a Facebook ad or single video.

She has nailed the art making of deep meaningful connection with new prospects online.

Well, I paid more attention than I probably ever did in school and I’m going to share with you the 3 things that stood out the most to me about creating connection online with your ideal clients.


1. Experience

This wasn’t foreign to me, being in the website industry. But I really started thinking about it on a deeper level when Maria posed the following questions:

  • If you had a physical office or store, what king of music would be playing?
  • What color would the walls be?
  • How would you interact with customers?

These questions really shift the experience to that of the customer and on a more personal level. Think about music for a moment. We all have memories and emotional connections to various genres. Colors can be associated with feelings or of past places we’ve been.

The last question just might be the best because is brings you back to planning as if you were meeting the client face to face. Break the pattern of just shuffling the visitor along through your content and instead focus on how you could make it a real interactive experience.


2. Relate

Something Maria repeated during the event was “Perfection Causes Disconnection.” Think of the last tabloid magazine you picked up or maybe a commercial you watched. Or maybe if you’re like me and love Real Simple, you look longingly at all the beautiful decor, sighing about how you may or may not buy and restore an 1800s seashore cottage one day. I digress…

The point is that the portrayal of perfection actually has a negative impact. We either reject the image as fake or we believe it’s without of our reach.

Social Media is an amazing tool for creating real life content that your ideal clients can relate to. Pictures of you in the day to day show the human side, not just the crafted message or beautiful photo from a professional photo shoot.

Don’t be afraid to show your up and downs. You want your people to see the journey, see the transformation because then they will believe it’s possible for them too.


3. Body Language

Whatever the official number is on nonverbal communication, we can agree that it’s does have an impact on connection and trust. This is a big hurdle if you are uncomfortable on video and Maria’s suggestion here is to watch your video replay with the sound off. This will make you aware of the movements you may be making subconsciously.

What I do to get relaxed for recording a video is to do the first few takes with my kids around. Literally, my toddler is babbling away while my two older boys try to sneak on camera. There is nothing more awkward or distracting. But, as soon as Rick shuffle’s them off and the recording room is clear, guess who’s calm as a koala. This lady right here 🙂




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  1. Suzanna Keith

    Erica, great insight over this year. Appreciate the pointers on video!

    1. Erica

      Thanks Suzanna! Appreciate your feedback and the shares. Will definitely stay connected on Twitter. Happy New Year!

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