The New Entrepreneurial Woman


by Monica Bennett

The world is changing and moving faster than ever before. As women entrepreneurs, we feel the ticking off of the clock more than most. It is important that we stay up to pace with the world but sometimes we don’t realize we aren’t keeping time with the rhythm of our own bodies, hearts, and minds. If one starts to get off balance more often than not the other two will follow. If this should happen we will not be able to keep up with the demands we need to make to keep our lives afloat. The pressure of wanting it all, the family and a business can be daunting.

As entrepreneurs we take many risks and as females, we tend to put our heart and soul into everything we do including our business ventures. If one of the risks we took led to a failure we may take it extremely personally. We might need more capital to continue our project, or resources to move forward. If these don’t show up we can feel overwhelmed and exhaust ourselves which will lead to burnout very quickly.

Today’s women entrepreneurs are finding that collaboration is the answer to the success of staying ahead of the curve. There are so many things that require our attention and going it alone is an old model that no longer works. Finding a team of women and men, who can work and play together will catapult the success of your endeavor to new heights while having fun. Fun is actually a key component for your success. This way we share responsibilities, so we can invest more time nurturing our bodies, spirits, and mind.

Developing a culture of comradery in a company will attract the right people and resources needed for the success of your business. The new woman entrepreneur realizes that consumerism and spending our precious time and money on stuff that doesn’t serve the bigger picture is not feeding our souls. We are waking up and becoming conscious of all the details necessary to run a sustainable company that everyone benefits from.

We can help women around the world rise up and become solopreneurs that will provide better living conditions for their families and communities. That is how we are making a difference in the world, feeding our spirits and becoming wealthy.

Through collaboration, cooperation, and creativity women entrepreneurs can have it all.





Dr. Monica Bennett is a Naturopathic Doctor as well as an Independent Licensed Life Success Consultant. She can take you from the brink of possibility to the path of infinite probability. She has owned and operated a successful horticultural business for over 20 years, and now integrates the laws of the natural world with her life coaching practice, which focuses on igniting passion and purpose into future female leaders. To learn more about Monica’s life coaching, visit

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