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Stephanie Nissen | Featured Contributor

As a social media marketer, I spend a great deal of my time on my laptop, my tablet, and my smartphone. But that doesn’t surprise anyone – online marketing is what I do! But, the best thing I did for my business was to do the exact opposite. I took my business offline and I grew exponentially. Here are a few of the things I did and why.


 1. Local Networking Groups

Joining the local networking group in Washington, Missouri was been the best thing I did for my business in 2014. I work with small business owners and independent contractors as my niche in social media marketing so the people who need me aren’t online yet. I have to go to them and I found a great group just 20 minutes away from me. I learn a great deal from entrepreneurs and professionals who’ve been in their industries for over 20 years and there are still newer business owners like myself. It’s an eclectic group, called The Prospectors, which works to refer business to each other and build authentic relationships.

2. Print Marketing

Having a physical business card that I can hand out to people gives an instant impression of my business when it comes up in conversation. Additionally, I have friends who ask for a few of my cards so they can refer people to me. Also, going back to the 1st point about connecting locally with my market – the more old-school business owners expect that I have a business card. I’ve met a few people now that do online digital business card exchanges which really alienates yourself to the people who need your services the most.

Print marketing isn’t limited to business cards. Try out a billboard, postcards, a listing in the Yellow pages, or swag like pens and branded items. People will try to tell you that this type of marketing is “dead,” and it’s not. Not by a long shot.

offline-marketing-techniques-for-online-business-steph-nissen-she-owns-it3. Conferences and Trade Shows

Connecting with industry influencers and people who are just crushing it in your field sets you apart from the thousands of other Twitter followers you have. I love that I got to meet top marketers like Kim Garst, Donna Moritz, and Syed Balkhi at Social Boom 2014. I met them face-to-face, shook their hand, and had an actual conversation that was loaded with value for my business and me. I’m attending Social Media Marketing World 2015 and have a few other conferences lined up for the rest of the year. Introduce yourself to the people you admire! This is how we grow – it’s in our connections!

4. Speaking

Those national trade shows and conferences are filled with experienced speakers who can command thousands of dollars in speaking fees. I can tell you, I’m not there yet. But this type of offline marketing is important! I’m getting there by volunteering my time and knowledge for my local Chamber of Commerce, for the business owners I met in my networking group, at regional events, and for anyone who needs a social media marketer who’s passionate about what they do. It helps me grow my professional public speaking skills and helps set me apart as an expert in my field.


These are the four offline marketing techniques I implemented for my business in 2014 and have continued into 2015. Have you tried these? How did it work out? I’d love to hear about your favorite offline marketing tactic.


Stephanie NissenSocial Media and Marketing Consultant at Nissen Media, LLC

Stephanie-Nissen-Media-HeadshotAs a woman small business owner and solopreneur, Stephanie knows that running a business takes time, knowledge, flexibility, and passion. Some of the hats she wears at her company include Social Media Manager, Blogger, Copywriter, Website Designer, Marketing Consultant, Email Marketing Campaign Manager, and Social Media Coach.

Stephanie works primarily with small and local businesses but still enjoys marketing for large brands. Most of her clients fall into one of these categories – small business, real estate, coaching, and online marketing. Her educational background is in web development but her passion is in marketing.

Personally, Stephanie is “social media obsessed”, a proud Mom to an active toddler, active follower of Christ, and way too competitive at board games!

Connect with Stephanie on Twitter @StephNissen_, Instagram @StephNissen_, and like Nissen Media on Facebook.

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5 Replies to “The Top 4 Offline Marketing Techniques for Your Online Business by @StephNissen_”

  1. Steven Suttel

    Great article and thanks for sharing the techniques. Print marketing has a great scope in promoting business. A catchy billboard or a bealtifully done postcard withh catch the attention of a prospective customer. Also print and mail services is a good marketing tool that can help build the popularity of a client.

  2. Kevin Carney

    I agree strong with Don.

    The days when online marketing and offline marketing could be considered as separate are over.

    The marketing for every business DOES include both. The key is that they sync to each other.

  3. Phil Davis

    Hello Steph,

    Great post and congrats on your speaking engagements; in due time you will also be commanding those thousands of dollars for your expertise. 🙂

    I own both offline and online businesses and I agree that offline and online marketing must be a part of your marketing arsenal.

    #2 above by way of newspaper ads has been working great for my offline business. It’s a bit costly but the R.O.I has been worth it. In addition to giving out “regular” business cards, I have tips printed on the back of my cards. This adds value to the card thus there is lesser chance of it being discarded.

    Thanks again for a great post.

    All the best,

    Phil Davis

  4. Don Purdum

    Hi Stephanie,

    The truth in 2015 and moving forward is that the online and offline worlds ought to compliment one another. The days of just being online or offline are over.

    Much of my business comes from the offline world, but when they come to my website and see the social validation from the incredible comments and engagment on my site they want that as well.

    But, they have to learn the foundations of their business and marketing and to me that is the real key to both those worlds.

    Understanding what business you’re “really” in, what problems you “specifically” solve, who you “specifically” solve them for and how you products or services are part of a solution is the foundation to everything else you do.

    Then you can talk strategies, measurable and specific goals and objectives or tasks to complete the goals.

    Techniques by themselves are meaningless if your audience doesn’t understand you because you don’t understand yourself.

    Online or offline, they compliment one another now. I meet people all of the time offline who I connect with either on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ and even vice versa. Lots of great relationships have developed from one to another.

    Great post Stephanie. Lots of food for thought here!

    Have a great weekend.

    ~ Don Purdum

    1. Steph Nissen

      Thanks for such a thought-filled comment Don! I absolutely agree that offline and online marketing strategies need to work together. I’m a firm believer that if you profess to work in social media marketing (as I do) then you need to practice what you preach. It’s hard to convince a potential client that they need social media if you’re business/brand isn’t doing the same in my opinion.

      You have to go where your customers are – mine are offline so that’s where I go! I know my business, I know my target, and I make it happen.

      One of most effective tools I’ve found is when someone gives me their business card or we meet somewhere offline, I find them on LinkedIn within 24 hours to send a connection request and keep the conversation going.

      Thanks again for the great response.

      – Steph

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