Only You Can Do This. Accept This And The World Is Your Oyster. by @vcasebourne

The World Is Your Oyster

by Victoria Casebourne

I have witnessed this a few times and is becoming a bit of a problem for me if I am honest. I am lucky enough to have been able to support many Mums to start their own businesses and many go on to really follow up on their dream but there are always a few who just don’t make it. I want to share with you the number one thing which I think is getting in their way. Luckily if you recognize this in yourself then you can get support on knocking these blocks out of the ballpark but if you read this and think “yep not me, I am perfect but everyone else is really getting in my way” then you may be in for a rocky journey.

Basically the tiny 5% of the women I have worked with who ended up at the end of the journey frustrated with the lack of results have one thing in common. They blamed me. They thought it was because the info I was sharing was duff, my support was not up to scratch and that I let them down. Now these ladies had the exact same support, information and structure given to them than the other 95% of women who all leave happy, energized and full of praise for what we help them achieve. I am not saying that to blow my own trumpet but to demonstrate how different two people can view the exact same thing when the only differentiating factor is them.

They are the ones who turned up every month on our accountability calls with excuses. They are the ones who made a joke of the fact they had made another month without taking action. They were the ones who didn’t turn up to calls. They were the ones who didn’t read the information given to them. They are the ones who didn’t reach out for support. They are the ones who blame others for their lack of results. They are the ones at the end of the year having not achieved what they wanted.

It honestly breaks my heart which is why I am sharing this with you now. If you REALLY want to make progress in your business (or life) then you absolutely 100% must take action. You must do something about it. Nothing will happen for you if you do not help yourself. No one else can do the work for you. Yes there are people who can show you shortcuts, hold your hand and push you forward but at the end of the day it is YOU who is responsible.

I have been there. I have been frozen with fear and I felt I didn’t have the answer so spent months looking outside of me for the answer. I would speak to coach after coach and was driving myself crazy. It then dawned on me that I had the answer all along. I knew what I wanted but was choosing to put the responsibility of making the decision onto someone else. As soon as I recognized this then I made massive leaps. I gained in confidence and took action.

So if you are stuck, things are not moving as you would like or you feel your opportunities have been scuppered because of someone else then look in the mirror, take a deep breath and ask yourself honestly “Am I doing everything in my power to make this work?” As soon as we own up to our responsibilities and step into our power we start to make massive progress as we are not hiding behind empty excuses. So the question is are you going to be full of excuses or full of action. I don’t believe you can be both.

This post is meant with love and with the intention to push you out of your comfort zone of excuses which are keeping you safe and out into a place where you feel able to take action and grab your dreams with both hands. No one else will grab them for you so it is down to you – don’t let excuses take that away from you. I believe we all have the opportunity to create anything we want in our lives and hope you do too.


Victoria CasbeourneVictoria Casebourne is a Dyslexic Ex-Computer Scientist, Creative, Lover of Business and Super Proud Mum to two beautiful children. Her passion, and her work, is supporting Mums to create a business which they LOVE, which loves them back and is entirely on their terms. Showing them how to work smarter through using tech, automation, systems and outsourcing so they can get a full days work done between the School Run leaving plenty of time for creating wonderful memories with the family. Find free training at Follow me @vcasebourne

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