Opening New Doors on Etsy


by Rheney Williams

I have been making things with my hands since I was a little girl and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say something like: ‘This is great – you should totally sell these!’

For my crafty sisters out there, you know how thrilling it is to have someone validate your handiwork, and when faced with compliments like the one above, you’ve probably had a conversation within yourself that goes something like this: ‘I wonder…could I make a go of this? Surely there are more people out there who would buy some of this stuff! No, who am I kidding? This is just a hobby and I have enough to do without adding another thing to my list that’s not going to pan out. Oh well, it was a nice thought.’

Well, ladies, it may be time to quiet old Negative Nelly for good because there are indeed women just like you and me who have found success with selling their unique creations! They’ve believed in themselves and turned their crafty dreams into online realities through the exposure of Etsy and a clever idea that resonates with others.

So with that in mind, let’s discuss a key concept of successful Etsy selling by looking at two products that enterprising female entrepreneurs have turned from an otherwise ordinary item into something truly inspired!

How-To for You: Unique Upcycling

This type of Etsy option takes an outdated or used item and breathes new life into it in an unexpected way or transforms it into something else entirely.

What this means for many women wantrepreneurs out there is that you don’t have to have mad skills with yarn or be able to single-handedly hammer metal into an awesome bracelet in order to be successful on Etsy.


Sometimes all you need to do is paint the glass panes of a French door-inspired frame with chalkboard paint.

Jenn of This Old Door began operating her Etsy shop in June of 2013 and within 7 months has already seen over 120 sales. She is a great example of a woman shop owner/designer who hasn’t reinvented the wheel but rather has found a creative way to reuse an old door or casement window in a manner that is not only functional, but it also elevates home décor to the next level.


And speaking of elevating home décor to the next level, have you thought about taking a beautiful piece of crown molding and turning it into a wall shelf? How about a DIY crown molding shelf-turned-key rack that you don’t have to build because Debbie of Churchill Cottage Chic has already done it for you?

Her work since April 2013 has resulted in over 330 admirers and a few dozen sales to date and both numbers are rising every day. And for the most part, her products revolve around vintage elements and upcycled creations that turn the run-of-the-mill into the extraordinary.

Hopefully, these two examples of women wantrepreneurs-turned-entrepreneurs will inspire you to open new doors and embark on Etsy adventures of your own!

What are your favorite items that you’ve come across on Etsy?

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