Oprah Does This and You Should Too! by @toninelsonbiz

Photo Credit: Alan Light via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Alan Light via Compfight cc

by Toni Nelson

Sometimes I wonder if Oprah truly realizes the lives that she touches.

She is such an inspiration for so many people.

When Oprah had her TV show she had a variety of guests.  Those who watched found her interview style appealing as well as informative.

There’s no doubt that Oprah’s audience tuned into her show because she always provided great content. The kind that made you come back for more.

Many times you learned things that you could apply to your own life to make it more enjoyable.

Here’s the interesting thing.  When you ask people what they remember Oprah for do you know what most answer?

Her Giving.

Her audience never knew what they were going to receive but Oprah took care of them by giving.

So, the two main things we know about Oprah is that she provided great content and she was a giver.

By means of her show she also gave us a glimpse into who she is and what she’s like.

You knew she had a best friend Gail.  You knew Stedmon has been her long time companion.

As people watched they started to feel like Oprah was a friend of theirs.  She knew their joys and sorrow and tried to help them.

What amazes me quite often is the way people in general talk about Oprah.  It’s as if they were her best friend.

Why?  It’s because Oprah took the time to show people she understood their joys and their sorrow.  She tried to help them raise themselves up from the depths of depression.

Oprah knew what people wanted and she gave it to them.

Oprah is a giver.

I can see you nodding your head in agreement.  You also might be thinking, “What does this have to do with me and my business.”

Number 1 – You need to be providing valuable content to your clients and perspective clients.    The exact content is going to depend on who you are trying to reach and what their pain points are.  In other words what problems are they having that keep them awake at night?  Provide content that starts addressing those issues and people will become fans of yours like they were of Oprah.

Number 2  – Be a giver.  You may not be able to give away cars or trips but what can you give away that’s of value to those you are trying to reach?

Remember in tip number 1 we talked about your audience’s pain point?  What can you give them for free that can help them with that pain point?

Your “gift” to them could be an audio, video, report or access to a free course that focuses on the areas they need help with.

Number 3 – Follow up and share other useful content with them.

Oprah didn’t have just one show she had many.  The interesting thing is that she covered a particular topic many times.

Think about a diamond.  The diamond has clarity as well as many facets but it’s still a diamond.  When you look at that diamond in different lighting you see all kinds of colors.  It’s brilliance shines in different settings.

It’s the same with the topics you want to cover with your audience.  There are many facets that you can bring out so that your audience is able to gain clarity.

Bring out those facets as only you can.


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One Reply to “Oprah Does This and You Should Too! by @toninelsonbiz”

  1. Eric Deeter

    Good advice here, Toni. I believe it’s a universal principle that when we give we are blessed in return. My wife & I work to make giving a regular part of our life and business.
    We have a colleague in our industry who chides that we give too much away. This week we did over $100 of extra work for free on a job. It was less than .5% of the total invoice & our client was thrilled.
    This week we also paid for groceries for a lady whose debit card didn’t work. That was the highlight of our day.
    Giving does return blessings. I see it daily.

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