You are Enough

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5 Replies to “You are Enough”

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  2. Ryan Biddulph

    Melinda, we already have it all, we need only see it 😉 Having traveled the world with Kelli above, for 3 years, I adopt a similar viewpoint. Thanks!

    1. Melinda

      SO true, Ryan! Sometimes we just need a little perspective but it’s all just right there. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Kelli

    I absolutely loved this post and it contained a powerful message that most of us need to hear to some degree. I think a lot of time, we don’t fully realized how affected we are by messages we receive from outside of us, even if our conscious mind rejects them. In my own little personal development journey, I have definitely discovered the truth that nothing outside us can make us happy, ever. It is all how we feel inside. Having spent the last three years pretty much traveling constantly, I have definitely detached a lot from acquiring ‘stuff’ as I don’t have a home nor can I lug it around in a suitcase. It is kind of freeing to pretty much own nothing but a computer, some books and clothes.

    1. Melinda

      Hi Kelli!
      You are so correct! And we’re constantly receiving these messages, most of them false through photoshop or whathaveyou. I had some friends that travelled the world with their two sons for the greater part of a year. They said it was so freeing to not have “stuff.” Actually, every person that’s ever worked with me has said that once they let go of the excess things, they felt physically and psychically lighter.
      Thanks for your comment! How fabulous that you get to experience the freeness of not having things and travelling all the time!!

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