Plan for your Business Success in 2015 by @MyOfficeBooks

Plan your business success for 2015
Plan your business success for 2015

by Amanda Hoffmann | Featured Contributor 

As we near the end of 2014, what are your priorities? Have you given any thought about the next year ahead? Are you reflective about this year, now it’s almost over?

These questions will require some time and thought.

Think  in the line of a series of points that can help you plan for a successful business year in 2015.

Yes, you do need to make the time to sit, reflect and plan.

It’s what every successful business woman and entrepreneur does.

Productivity is never an accident.
Productivity is never an accident.

 Reflect on the year past

  • Ask yourself, what did I do well?
  • Where did I fail?
  • Am I happy with my business’s performance?
  • How can I improve next year?

Take time to sit, ponder, and write all this down on a piece of paper. Learn from this year’s mistakes and plan to ensure you do not repeat them next year.

What do you need?

  • What are the core needs that you have with your business?
  • Do you love your customers, product or service?
  • Are you turning over a profit, or did you make a loss?
  • Are your financials all up to date on a regular basis?

The answers to the above questions are indeed important. Each one is a small, but important brick that builds a successful future. A future of your own design and making. What you believe, you can succeed in accomplishing. The foundation of any strong building needs to be solid, your passion, joy and inspiration is your strength. Are you strong? Or are you weak?

What brings you joy in your business?
What brings you joy in your business?

What Do you love? What brings  you joy?

Gone are the days where you work 9-5 just to make a living. We have the power, opportunity and resources to make our dreams a reality. If you do not love what you do? Why are you doing the same thing?

Life is to short, and your work takes up too much of your time, for you not to love doing it!

What is your passion, you know….what gets you out of bed in the morning? Work out how you can incorporate that drive in your every day business life. This is where you need to be really honest with yourself.

Plan your Strategy

We have spoken about the bricks of success, now it’s time to lay the foundation too ensure strength and sustainability.

Start with your end in mind
Start with your end in mind

You need to be specific

  • What work will be your focus?
  • What will be your income?
  • How will you build the business?
  • How will you market the business?
  • Write it all down in detail.
  • Then plan out your entire next year, set goals, be specific.
  • Will you need support or professional help?

Plan that process out in small steps. Remember, you will need to be flexible, but work out all out brick by brick.

Print it out in a form you will pay attention to, as a calender, to do list to tick off, as visuals. Make multiple copies laminate them and post a copy on your bathroom mirror, fridge and at your desk. Share the list with a respected mentor or friend. Make yourself accountable.

Create your dream year, make 2015 YOUR year to shine!


Amanda Hoffmann – Sensational Entrepreneur, Bookkeeper Extraordinaire and loves Social Media

Amanda HoffmannHi, I’m Amanda Hoffmann and live in Brisbane, Australia. I am passionate about business and social media. I currently juggle being a mother of four school-aged children and run three businesses in completely different fields. While challenging, I believe they keep me thinking outside of the box. I have always loved being busy and I believe it is a mixture of my “can do” attitude and loving life that allows me to accomplish so much. Oh, not liking to sleep much certainly does help!

I started managing my first business over 18 years ago but sold it when I decided to start a family. I was unable to envision at the time how I could run a business and still be a dedicated mother. Since I now run three businesses and have a large family, I have found being organised and prioritising is the secret to success.

What are my businesses you might ask? My Office Books Virtual Bookkeeping, Kidd House Accommodation specialising in fully furnished accommodation for both students and professionals and Co-Founder of a new Social Media start-up called The Likeability Company helping SME’s get the most out of using social media and building communities.

I would like to share my experience in small business and answer any questions you might have regarding office organisation, cloud technology and share my experience in property investment.

I personally am fascinated by social media, particularly the fast pace of twitter and exploring the world of blogging. I invite you share my journey and get to know each other.


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4 Replies to “Plan for your Business Success in 2015 by @MyOfficeBooks”

  1. Irish Carter

    What a great post. You really broke down so many steps to evaluating what worked and what didnt in the past as well as creating a great goal plan for the upcoming year. I am really focusing strongly on my line of products that I will be launching and look forward to that as well as also focusing more strongly on engaging more effectively with others.

    Thanks for sharing such great content. It really got my mind thinking creatively.


    1. Amanda Hoffmann

      Hi Irish,

      I am so very pleased to hear that the article had you thinking creatively!!! I really appreciate your feedback about the article also.

  2. Mallie Rydzik

    My theme for 2015 is Growth. I’ve established myself, my business, my target audience/clients, and I know which services I enjoy offering. Now I need to get in front of more audiences, build my list, and offer more scalable products/services.

    1. Amanda Hoffmann

      Hi Mallie,
      Thank you for taking the time to let me know that the information I shared was relevant. Wishing you all the best with your success and business goals xx

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