Podcasting For Marketing: A Smart Content Marketing Strategy outlined by Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media at SheOwnsIt.com

Podcasting For Marketing: A Smart Content Marketing Strategy

Podcasting For Marketing: A Smart Content Marketing Strategy outlined by Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media at SheOwnsIt.com


3 Ways Podcasting For Marketing Benefits Your Brand


If you think radio is an old-school thing, think again. It has merely taken on a different form and name and is increasing in momentum even as you are reading this article: Podcasting for marketing.

Shocked?  Follow along with me…



In simple terms, “Podcasting is the preparation and distribution of audio files using RSS to syndicate to subscribers.” Podcasting, for marketing purposes, is a great way to share knowledge and news, be it for business or personal brands.

According to Infinite Dial findings, podcasting listening has grown by an impressive 23% since 2015. Almost one-quarter of the world’s population is tuning into podcasts to know more about their active interests. And this is only expected to increase in the future.


Podcasting For Marketing

Why podcasting? 

What advantages are brought to well-known entrepreneurs, like James Altucher, who are using it on a daily basis?

James, in his blog post ‘Why You Absolutely Must Do A Podcast’ lists 7 reasons why you must podcast.  Some high points:

  • You get to talk to your heroes (or people who you want to hear from)
  • It is easier than writing a blog post or shooting a video
  • You can pick on any topic even if you are not an expert
  • You get exposure to massive amounts of information
  • Your listening, oratory, questioning and interviewing skills improve

On a similar note, there are considerable benefits of podcasting for business. If your business relies on the Internet for client acquisition, then podcasting should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy.


Podcasting For Marketing: A Smart Content Marketing Strategy

Here are three benefits that podcasting for marketing – or even being a guest on a podcast – will bring…

1. Repurposing Popular Content

Every good marketer knows that the key to creating brand identity lies in repeating and repurposing content. But, how do you do that without bullying your customers or being a nuisance? 

Podcasts show the easy way. Business owners can present themselves as podcast guests and share: 

  • News about their products/services
  • The story behind their big idea
  • Their inspiration and what keeps them motivated 

And so on. 

Think of podcasting for marketing as a conversational way that of achieving everything that writing a blog article, publishing an ebook, or sharing a video can do. 

Podcasts also offer you an opportunity to convert top-performing content with a limited life, like Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Snaps, etc. into full-length podcasts that can attract and engage viewers at large. 

2. Serving It On A Massive Scale 

Edison Research estimates that 67 Million Americans listen to podcasts monthly. WOW!  That’s a huge population by any means. Perhaps, big enough as your target market itself. Podcasting provides a quick shortcut to reach this target market easily on a massive scale.

Additionally, podcasting is easy to consume compared to other forms of content.

The only content formats which come close to this comfort level are video and images. Images are not dynamic, videos may not always load quickly, and require paying direct attention to watch. Podcasts, however, give an audience the flexibility to walk, drive or multitask and still have an understanding of the message through listening.

Businesses that use podcasts have an active content distribution channel that can comfortably reach large masses. 

3. Improving Personal Brand Value As A Subject Matter Expert

Appearing as a guest in a podcast adds some weight to your profile as a subject matter expert. Only an expert who really knows about a topic can approach questions that the host quickly includes in a large list.

A good example is this Social Chatter episode which interviews digital marketers (that you should recognize) on the latest social media updates at the time. Appearing as a guest ensures that viewers know and recognize you as an individual with expertise in the field.

Here is how you can prepare for a podcast and establish yourself as a niche expert:

  • Mention real-life instances from your life and business journey
  • Point out common mistakes made by people in the same boat as your clientele
  • Explain the right way of doing something and offer solutions
  • Discuss the possibilities of corrective action in case something goes wrong
  • Suggest books, blogs, and trusted thought leaders as resources for listeners
  • Quantify and mention the results you have achieved in definite terms

If you are nervous at first, rest assured that podcasting for marketing will become second nature and more something you look forward to rather than an obligation.


Conclusion – Podcasting For Marketing

Podcasting in business is an interesting way to win customers. By ending each podcast with a call to action, you can turn a podcast into a magnet to bring more traffic to your website, landing pages, blog posts, and other published content.

Why wait any longer?

Consider podcasting for marketing a top priority – Either start your own or try being a guest on a few podcasts first!





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