3 Steps to Bring More Ease and Flow Into Your Business by @AudaneLeger

by Audane Leger

The online entrepreneur world is often filled with people painting the picture of all hustle and no play with terms like #teamnosleep trending on the regular. Quickly after I set up shop for myself with my online business, I thought going down this route was the only way to succeed, but the 12-18 hour workdays quickly began to take their toll on me. Once I learned to balance out the flow of hustling but also taking care of myself, running my business became so much more enjoyable! Here are my top 3 tips to start enjoying being your own boss and letting the ease and flow roll in:

  1. Tune into your own natural working rhythm: Some people work best in the wee hours of the morning while others are more night owls. It is a myth that everyone should be striving to be early morning risers because each person’s body is unique and learning to tune into this so you can work when you feel most energized is so key to running a successful business. Test out what times work best for you and do work when you have the most energy throughout the day rather than forcing yourself to do work because you think you “should.” By finding your natural rhythm you will find that getting tasks done become so much easier and fun.
  2. Act on inspired ideas as soon as it comes: The best results that I have ever had in my business always came to me when I did not overthink things, but instead allowed ideas to flow from my brain onto whatever piece of content I was working on. Acting on inspiration when it comes to you as much as possible is one of the best ways to work from a place of ease and flow. This is also the best way to take massive action in your business because it is coming from an inspired place rather than forcing things to happen in your business. While this is not always practical, depending on where you are, make it a point to write down or take a voice note of your best ideas as they come so you can refer back to them later!
  3. Focus on one task at a time: Nothing will get you to burnout land faster than trying to do “all of the things.” I got caught into this trap early on in my online business journey and find it to be one of hardest aspects of running a business that entrepreneurs struggle with. The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed is to just pick 1-3 tasks to get done on any given day and then focus on one task at a time until completion. This does not mean you won’t take breaks while in the process of completing a task, but it does mean that even if one task takes you all day, you will stick to it and adjust your schedule accordingly to account for other activities that may need to be moved around. Having this kind of focus will send your productivity through the roof and add tons of ease and flow into your business.

Final Thoughts

Creating a business and life you love means that you choose a structure of running your business that is completely aligned with who you are as a person. What works for one person will most likely not 100% work for you so trying out different methods of working and seeing which one lights you up the most is the sweet spot that will lead to ease, flow, and profits. I hope with these tips you will be one step closer to building the business of your absolute dreams.


Audane Leger, a Business Coach and Strategist, is the Founder of Bossywomaninc.com, a platform to help ambitious female millennials create profitable online businesses. She helps women from all over the world tap into their full potential to create a life of freedom, wealth and fulfillment. She believes that everyone has the ability to turn their dreams into a reality and is dedicated to facilitating success in the lives of those she coaches. Audane has over a decade worth of business and marketing experience, including 5 years in corporate and two business marketing degrees. For more information, visit Bossywomaninc.com and download your free training, 3 Steps to book Consistent Clients on Automate Guide. Connect with @Bossywomaninc on Instagram.

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