Positive thinking affirmations! by @SarupaShah

by Sarupa Shah | Featured Contributor

Positive thinking is not a new topic but one that can make you feel slightly inadequate. I mean when your clients aren’t renewing and the speaking gig invitations have dried up and each time you email your list you get more unsubscribes than opens, it takes some resolve to stay positive!

When someone has pranged your car, or someone spills red wine on your light colored dress while out at a very important meeting, thinking positive can feel like an impossibility.

Yet positive thinking isn’t about faking it or smiling when you are being flogged and prancing around being happy happy!shareasimage (3)

Positive thinking is something more than superficial happiness or an excuse to bury your head in the sand and avoid the truth.

Positive thinking is about building a mindset and attitude that doesn’t allow you to get sucked into the doldrums and drama which all lead to victimhood! The why me…the how can this be again….it will never be me….type of energy.

When you truly click with positive energy if any of the scenarios I describe above happen, you will acknowledge and accept them for the truth that they are and then take action because you just aren’t going to let details, illusions or things not panning out the way you want, floor you!

Positive thinking is not the mystery that you may have thought it to be!

Positive thinking is important because it helps you with:

  • attraction in all senses of the word
  • manifestation
  • keeps you healthy
  • keeps you moving to bigger and greater things
  • and so much more…!

Even though I am sure I have convinced you here about the why of positive thinking, there is a thing about HOW that I also want to share with you.

It is something you have to be deliberate about wanting to achieve and one of my favourite ways to create change in life and business is using affirmations.

Below are 3 positive thinking affirmations to get you going!

  1. I am good enough just as I am  – stops you affirming you lack something or aren’t good enough as if that is what you affirm that is where you act from and as like attracts like you create experiences based on not being good enough. This is my personal favourite affirmation of all time.
  2. Everything is good in my life – it is what you desire your life to be and it will make you feel good and therefore positive, so say it passionately and don’t let yourself believe anything else despite what illusions you plug into. Remember everything has a good reason including everything that happens for you.
  3. I am joy – positivity is linked to happiness and happiness is linked to joy. This affirmation reminds and connects you to the truth that you are joy personified and when you are radiating joy it is a positive energy which will benefit you.

Let me know how you get on with these affirmations and what questions you have about positive thinking! It is well worth the journey and well worth understanding!

Sarupa Shah

PS If you want to know how to make your affirmations work and open up your world to positive thinking galore then check out this link!


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