12 reasons why loving yourself matters in business…by @SarupaShah

by Sarupa Shah | Featured Contributor

What is love? This month you would be mistaken to think love was all about mushy, romantic gestures. It was Valentines but that is just some manmade nonsense in the big scheme of things!Loving yourself matters if you want (1)

The love I am writing about is a spiritual state of being. It is what our universe is made of and it is about you, never about anyone or anything else.

There isn’t a person who is on this planet who wouldn’t benefit from loving themselves more in balance. You might think there are those who love themselves too much, but underneath that is a whole heap of insecurity.

Loving yourself in balance is so important when it comes to business.

Stop fearing that ‘loving you’ will put you out of balance and instead start being who you truly are at the very core, which is a woman who loves herself with wild abandon, because loving yourself matters in more ways than you can imagine.

Here are 12 reasons why loving yourself matters in business

  1. When you love yourself you are going to be kinder and more compassionate to yourself and move on from failure stories much quicker.
  2. Being compassionate towards yourself means you will love yourself more and do things that support you more.
  3. Loving yourself means you will appreciate yourself more When you appreciate yourself you will start to value yourself more and when you value yourself you will start to charge your true worth!
  4. Loving yourself is a better place to ‘attract’ what you truly desire, yes, you have to love yourself enough to want the best for you too.
  5. If you love yourself you will reduce your stress as you will know that everything will work out because you love yourself.
  6. Loving yourself is a spiritual state of being it enables your heart chakra to get stronger and will reduce the power your emotions have over you. Business and emotions are like a Molotov cocktail.
  7. When you love yourself you respond to situations rather than react, which means you are in balance not panic!
  8. When you love yourself you allow yourself to have more fun; that is the biggest purpose in anyone’s life, to have FUN! When you can bring this FUN into your business, business starts to become the ‘doing what you love (DWYL)’ experience for real.
  9. When you love yourself you will find that others treat you with more lovingly, so they will be compassionate, appreciate and value you.
  10. Loving yourself isn’t a vastness it has boundaries which are there for other people, so if you feel people take advantage of your desire to be in service, then love yourself more for your loving boundaries to appear or be created by you. A boundary means you don’t give it away for free!
  11. When you love yourself you create abundance for yourself, not just money as said above, but time, health and everything else.
  12. When you love yourself more you let love be the reason why and not fear.

What do you think? What would you add? Are you ready to love yourself more this month and evermore?



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