Review – My New Verizon Ellipsis™ 7 Tablet #VZWBuzz

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4 Replies to “Review – My New Verizon Ellipsis™ 7 Tablet #VZWBuzz”

  1. Natalie Avery

    I have a question? Will an ipad mini 2 3 case fit my ellipsis 7 tablet perfectly?

    1. Melissa Stewart[ Post Author ]

      I can’t answer that. I know that my Ellipsis fits nicely in the iPad mini sleeve I bought but I’d suggest you try before you buy!

  2. Melissa Stewart[ Post Author ]

    Yup Robyn! Sure is 🙂 The case in the pic is an iPad Mini case and my Ellipsis is currently in said case tucked safely in my purse. Loving it!

  3. Robyn Wright

    I didn’t realize the Ellipsis was the same size as the iPad Mini – great tip to know for finding a case for it!

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