7 Sins of Social Media by @MyOfficeBooks

by Amanda Hoffmann | Featured Contributor

When it comes to social media, more small business owners are becoming aware of it’s importance. However, many struggle to find their audience or get results.

Let me solve this problem by sharing the 7 sins of social media and what you can do about it.

1. We “Do” Social Media
Totally the wrong approach! Social media is all about engaging your audience. The correct terminology is ” We engage in social media!”

2. No Strategy
Posts just thrown out into the internet.
I liken this process to putting bait on your fishing line and throwing it into your bathtub, expecting to catch a fish. SMBs need to know who their ideal client is, what platform they frequent and when.

3. No community spirit or engagement.
People need to feel they belong. They want to join something that benefits them and know they will be heard.

7 Sins of Social Media Infographic
7 Sins of Social Media Infographic

4. Fail to schedule or plan
Know when your community is active, what problems they need solutions for and provide the answers when it’s convenient for them. Know your audience, know your potential clients.

5. Irrelevant data and information
Learn to use curation to source practical information. Online tools such as scoop.it, flipboard, twitter search and others will help you find interesting articles, quotes and images to share.

6. Me, Me, Me.
To engage, attract and successfully connect with your ideal customer, it has to be all about them. What problems they experience and how you can ‘help”. If you do not know what these are, learn social listening to find out. [see Manon Leroux’s article https://sheownsit.com/demystifying-who-why-of-social-listening-by-sociallysavvyu/]
It is essential to provide helpful information that will delight your potential customers.

7. Copy everyone else
To stand out and be noticed a small business needs to focus on what makes them unique. You need to find your voice, share something about your company that stands out from all the competition. This will also attract the right clients to you.

Now that you know what the 7 sins of social media are, it is time to rethink, relearn and connect.

By doing so, you will love this free tool to source and find new and delightful customers.

if you think you know of any other mistakes, please share them below so that I can write another article to be of service to you!


Amanda Hoffmann – Sensational Entrepreneur, Bookkeeper Extraordinaire and loves Social Media

Amanda HoffmannHi, I’m Amanda Hoffmann and live in Brisbane, Australia. I am passionate about business and social media. I currently juggle being a mother of four school-aged children and run three businesses in completely different fields. While challenging, I believe they keep me thinking outside of the box. I have always loved being busy and I believe it is a mixture of my “can do” attitude and loving life that allows me to accomplish so much. Oh, not liking to sleep much certainly does help!

I started managing my first business over 18 years ago but sold it when I decided to start a family. I was unable to envision at the time how I could run a business and still be a dedicated mother. Since I now run three businesses and have a large family, I have found being organised and prioritising is the secret to success.

What are my businesses you might ask? My Office Books Virtual Bookkeeping, Kidd House Accommodation specialising in fully furnished accommodation for both students and professionals and Co-Founder of a new Social Media start-up called The Likeability Company helping SME’s get the most out of using social media and building communities.

I would like to share my experience in small business and answer any questions you might have regarding office organisation, cloud technology and share my experience in property investment.

I personally am fascinated by social media, particularly the fast pace of twitter and exploring the world of blogging. I invite you share my journey and get to know each other.


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8 Replies to “7 Sins of Social Media by @MyOfficeBooks”

  1. Sharon Tregoning

    Yup, guilty of a couple of those. Thanks for the great blog xxx

    1. Amanda Hoffmann

      Glad you found it informative Sharon 🙂

  2. Alison

    Great post Amanda, Good tips for us social media newbies to follow.

    I love the infographic! 🙂

    1. Amanda Hoffmann

      Thank you Alison

  3. Eli

    I’m defiantly guilty of number 2… I have no strategy at all! Will have to work on this.

    1. Amanda Hoffmann

      Hi Eli
      You are not alone. The wonderful thing is once you realise it, you can do something about it. You will also reap the benefits

  4. Karyn with a Y

    Great post Amanda, I love the bathtub analogy in point 2!

    1. Amanda Hoffmann

      Thanks Karyn x

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