Simplify Your Life with the Hell Yes Principle by @GroupXMich

Simplify Your Life with the Hell Yes Principle

by Michelle Fav | Featured Contributor

I’m a “no stone left unturned” kind of decision maker. I like to go through every option — even the ones I know I don’t want — to make sure I’m making the most-informed choice. It ends up being a slow method that takes up a lot of mental space. If you make decisions like I do, you may be wondering how you can improve your decision making process to simplify your life.

I recently stumbled upon the Hell Yes Principle, and it’s radically changed the way I approach decisions. The Hell Yes Principle puts every choice into two categories: hell yes or hell no. If an opportunity doesn’t make you say “hell yes,” then it’s a hell no. Don’t leave room for grey area.

This strategy has helped me say no to things that I really didn’t want to do, and it’s really helped me with some major decisions in my life. A few years back when I was online dating, I would use the hell yes principle to decide who was worth a date (or second date). At first, I would talk to just about anyone, and I realized it was awfully time-consuming and ended up unintentionally hurting people in the process.

After going on a few dates with someone I was really excited about (read: hell yes), I stopped talking to others. I figured I would give this one my full attention and go “all in”, because I considered dating him to be a hell yes. Of course, it was a long shot and I would have to start from scratch if things didn’t work out, but we’re now engaged!

I also used the Hell Yes Principle to figure out the theme of my blog, I’ve known for a long time that I’ve wanted to start a blog, but there were so many topics out there that I enjoy writing about — blogging, public relations, branding, fitness, health and wellness — it was overwhelming. After mulling over these themes for more time than I care to admit, I decided to apply the Hell Yes Principle.

Since my day job is in blogging and public relations, I knew I wanted a creative outlet to let me explore other passions and keep me feeling balanced. So, those topics were out. I landed on fitness, but I didn’t really get excited about the idea of writing health and fitness advice. That’s when it dawned on me that my true passion is teaching group exercises classes. After doing it for years and getting a solid start through UCLA’s Fitness Leadership Program, I have a wealth of expertise to share without getting bored of the subject.

Now, whenever my friends ask me for advice, I suggest the Hell Yes Principle. We all know life has a lot of grey areas, and frankly we can’t always make decisions based on whether we’re 100 percent for something. But, my takeaway here is that if something isn’t making you say “hell yes,” you should strongly ask yourself if it’s worth choosing.

If you’re looking for more tips to simplify your life, you’ll also like my post on the 100 percent rule.


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