5 ways use social media event attendee

5 Ways To Use Social Media As An Event Attendee by @StephNissen_

5 ways use social media event attendee

by Stephanie Nissen | Featured Contributor  

When you decide to attend a conference, seminar, workshop, or summit, there’s usually a good reason. You want to learn new skills. You want to network with peers and industry leaders. Want to make the experience even better? Use social media to enhance your attendee experience! Here are 5 ways to use social media as an event attendee to make it more fun.

1. Use the Event Hashtag

There’s a growing trend for events whether they are a multi-day conference or a simple webinar to have a unique hashtag. This hashtag is created to help the event organizer track the the response to the event, collect feedback, and help to market the event to new people. It also gives the opportunity for people at home to follow along with event happenings.

Your tip to enhance your experience is to use that hashtag! It’s there to help you network, to showcase yourself, and of course, to market the event to your fans and followers. It really make the whole experience more enjoyable in my opinion. What’s your take on event hashtags?

2. Take Photos

Posting a status update or a link to more information about the conference you’re attending is not as much fun as gathering some people around you and squeezing in for a selfie. Snap a big with the people you’ve met, a speaker or presenter, the amazing view from your hotel, or something else that catches your eye. We know that photos get some of the best engagement on social media so let people see how much fun you’re having. Let they’re comments (and maybe a hint of jealousy) get you even more pumped up!

3. Use Facebook and Twitter

In a study by Freeman XP and the Event Marketing Institute, they found that Facebook and Twitter were the most effective social media platforms to use to communicate with an event’s community both before an event and during. Facebook was found to be top before the event, with Twitter in second while Twitter was best during, with Facebook in second. Post event, Facebook takes 1st place again with YouTube stealing second. You can check out how the rest of the social networks ranked by checking out “The Best Social Networks for Engaging Event Attendees” over on MarketingProfs.

4. Live Tweet

Live tweeting isn’t for everyone, but I can say that I’ve used it to great success. While live-tweeting a presentation or conference, you share quotes, interesting statistics, and updates to your social media network from the event. Use the event hashtag in these posts and tag the speaker, presenter, or your fellow attendees as it relates to what you mention. Many of the attendees will be following along, and are more likely to retweet or share your content if you keep post short, sweet, and “snackable”. Not to mention, those speakers and presenters who you tag are going to see those posts later and most likely engage with you as well. It’s a great way to get an influencer’s attention – I can say that I’ve used live tweeting for conferences and even webinars and it goes really well. Have you tried it before?

5. Follow-Up

Use social media to keep the conversation going after the event is over. You can:

  • Post a blog reviewing the event.
  • Check up on the event hashtag and see who you may have missed connecting with during the event.
  • Check-in with people you met to form relationships whether they could be a partner or a client.
  • Give feedback to the host.

How do you use social media when you are going to attend an event?

Want an example of a social media event done right with an event hashtag? Check out all the buzz for Social Media Marketing World 2015 and hashtag #SMMW15 on all your social networks! (Going to #SMMW15? Let’s connect on Twitter!)


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