Sometimes Beauty comes with Strangeness by Sue Perez of @Beautyphonics

by Sue Perez | Featured Contributor


Jack O’Lanterns, black cats, flying bats and witches brew. Creepy ghosts, nine legged spiders are some of the things I wish for you. Tasty cookies, frosted candies, chocolate covered dreams in your hands. It’s Halloween again and new makeup trends! Are you ready to play my friends? ( insert evil grin here or loud cackling laughter )


Playing Dress Up

If your like most people you wait until the last minute, sometimes even up to the day, searching for a Halloween costume. That is why I like parties. You can plan in advance and really create a cool costume. A few years ago a colleague who had lost a family member to brain cancer started a fundraising event on Halloween. It was such a fun way to get together for a good cause, have some drinks and dance around while looking fiendishly cute. Being a professional makeup artist you would think I live for this holiday. Sure, I enjoy dressing up and being creative, but I love creating the makeup looks on other people as you will see on the links below. But first, this is a snap from the event a couple of years ago. I was inspired by Dia De Los Muertos which means Day of The Dead and it’s a traditional holiday in Mexico where loved ones honor their deceased. 





No Sewing Machine Required

Unlike costumes, which need to be measured and fitted, makeup on the other hand fits everyone. And there is no assembly required. You won’t need to dust off your sewing machine and shop for fabrics and pull all your hair out screaming when you mess up. I think finding the right costume, one that makes you look and feel good is the biggest challenge. The makeup is the fun part and this look demonstrates how lovely and effortless a simple well placed Peacock feather can make. Or how about this adorably cute look which took me about fifteen minutes and a steady hand. False strip eyelashes in both of these looks made the impact. You don’t really need a lot of material to make a stand out halloween costume, just some ideas, planning and inspiration.



Trending for Ideas

Of course a three second Google search will reveal the most popular costumes this year but what if your not cool playing a character? I think there are many ways to create and conjure the most unique and exciting fantasy costume. My creativity comes from pictures. This visual inspires so much excitement! She is a goddess, strong and fearless. She has mastered her environment as she kneels on the ocean, harnessing fire and manipulating the air. Every element is hers to command and she absorbs it’s energy and manifests all of it’s power.





Power in Self Expression

It’s fun to create a fantasy and express yourself in it, draw on the powerful positive energy from a photograph like these and see how it can plays into your own life. ( swords not included ) Everyday we are bombarded with bad news and depressing headlines. Halloween is a holiday where you can play dress up and be as weird as you want to in the name of having a good time. Looking at inspiring images can also awaken the energy we need to adopt and manifest our dreams. Weird, or strange, odd and mysterious, embrace all the qualities that make you unique. Expressing who you really are can be beautiful.





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