How To Start A Home Business Without Starting From Scratch

How To Start A Home Business Without Starting From Scratch

by Natasha Stewart

Female business owners now contribute billions to the global economy, and many of us are mothers. Go girls!

Maternity leave, that heavenly time given to all mothers to enjoy our new-born, is sadly still tinged with inevitable trepidation about returning to work. I remember feeling gutted at the thought of someone else replacing me or missing all the milestone moments.

The thought of trying to adapt to someone else’s routine, as well as the whimsical demands of my tiny boss at home was terrifying.

Maybe these anxieties are what has driven legions of mothers to sack the 9-5 and carve out their own destiny by running their own home based business.

I used to feel annoyed that we were supposed to be successful homemakers, mothers and work twice as hard as men to be accepted in the business world. Now I’m thankful to have realized that when we work in our own world, where we make the rules.

We can finally have it all, a beautiful, loving family AND financial freedom.

Afraid of the Unknown?

For every brave soul who breaks through and starts their own business, thousands more are still chained to their day job dreaming about what ifs. Half the problem is expecting to start from scratch causing massive self-doubt and paralyzing fear that stops many from taking that first step.

But starting from scratch isn’t the only way it has to be. And you certainly don’t have to go it alone.

What you need is a business BFF. Someone like me who has been there and done it and can help you take those first steps towards creating the life that fits you.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You could be up and running earlier than you think if you set things up right. Have you ever thought about buying an existing business for example? Or buying pre-made business package ready to go?

You probably have never even considered these options before, most home business owners haven’t so let’s take a few minutes and look at the Pros & Cons for each.

Buying an existing business

Proven income
An established model to follow, though you can still make your own changes
Earn money immediately
Well established customer base, website, marketing options and accounts
Every hour you put in can add to your income potential
You take advantage of someone else’s experience

You need to do thorough research & make sure you know exactly what you are buying
The upfront cost of purchasing the business
Making changes to the business might affect it’s success
Keeping former customers might be a challenge with change of ownership (depending on the business)
Potential liability issues for past business debts

Using a Pre Made Business Package to Help you Set Up

You feel empowered and fully in control
You have a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of your business
You work wherever and whenever you want
Quicker to get off the ground than starting from scratch
Avoid making mistakes that can be expensive in both time and money
A support network to keep you motivated
High quality design which represents your business professionally
Removes a lot of the stress of setting it all up yourself

You will still need to put in the hours to make your business work
A steep learning curve as you need to learn how to be a business owner

Whatever you decide to do just know that you don’t have to start your home business from scratch, there are other ways to do it. Take a little time to really think about the smartest way to move into this exciting new world and good luck! I can tell you from personal experience, it is well worth doing, a life of financial freedom & beautiful time with your family awaits you.


natashaNatasha is a successful business woman and founder of Business Jump. She shares tips, tools and techniques to help you jump into your business the smart way so you can find financial freedom and enjoyment stat. Start your journey right now and take the challenge. Natasha will teach you how to find or Link validate a wildly successful business idea so you can get the ball rolling on your dream business.

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