3 Strategies to Get Noticed and Network on Linkedin by @VizionsCon

Photo Credit: ahans via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: ahans via Compfight cc

by DeKesha C. Williams | Featured Contributor

If you are interested in networking and meeting professional, like-minded individuals then LinkedIn should be a platform used on a regular basis.  It’s the world’s largest professional networking site with over 200 million members in 200 countries. (Source: http://www.linkedin.com/punchmedia)  

How can you not flock to a social platform with that many professionals in one location?

Linked Groups

LinkedIn has a special method of posting updates or sharing articles via the discussion option.  You have the capability to share blog posts, recent articles or more importantly asking a questions.

  • Asking questions creates interaction between group members which ultimately leads to  conversation.  

  • Be sure to stay involved in the conversation as someone may ask a questions that fits into your area of expertise.

  • Remember your goal is to get noticed and receive “expert” status.

Make an introduction

Introduce yourself to your current connections by way of private messages.  Several individuals read your profile, are impressed by your title or see a connection on your list they’d like to meet.  For some strange reason, they never take the time to introduce themselves to YOU.  You could potentially be the link to their next biggest client or prospect.

  • Make an effort to make a connection with a specific number of people.

  • Stay away from the automated message of “I’d like to add you to my network.”

  • When making the connection, be sure to personalize the introduction.


Use business cards as an invitation to connect on Linkedin.  Cardmunch is my best friend when it comes to Iphone Apps.  I know longer have to organize cards in a file folder or notebook.  I can literally scan the card and it’s uploaded to my contacts and I can immediately make the connection via Linkedin.  


Gone are the days of business cards in sandwich bags or rubber banded together on your desk.  Organize your leads that you insist on leaving on the table along with potential money.  


DeKesha C. Williams – Business StrategistVizions Consulting – Richmond, VA


I have over 17  years of experience in retail management working for organizations such as Hecht’s, Ann Taylor Loft and FootAction USA.  I received a B.A. degree in Fashion Merchandising in 1999 and recently receive a M.B.A in Finance in 2010.  For the last 4.5 years I’ve operated 13 private photography studios from Atlanta, GA to Columbia, MD and have been responsible for managing 60+ employees as a District Manager. During this time I was given the opportunity to open 6 of the 13 stores within  my first two years with the company , which included hiring, staffing and training all employees.

My skills included, but were not limited to fashion merchandising with companies such as Macys and Ann Taylor Loft. Participating in floor sets and marketing responsibilities as both manager and District Manager as well as creating sales projections and action plans for stores across 5 states for more than 3 years.

It was approximately 7 years ago that I participated in a “Spiritual Gifts” class at church and it was there that I realized that God had given me specific talents regarding administration, leadership with a “knack for motivating individuals through faith and wisdom. Although God  had revealed my talents to me, I was not prepared to embrace them. Thus I was the servant who dug a hole and buried his treasure/talent. Matt 25:14

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