Stress Makes A Mess by @SlaterSuccessCC

Stress makes a mess

by Ivy Slater

“I can’t handle this.”

“I’m over it.”

“Today is a lost cause.”

“I’m done.”

Sentences you’ve uttered? Yeah, me too. No judgement. Stress is a part of our lives. But stress is only as much a part of our lives as we let it. It’s not on our to do list. We put it there. We give it power. We feed it. And all it does is make a giant mess of things. So I’m telling you to clean it up!

This past weekend, I had the honor of hosting eight business owners at my Business Success Retreat (BSR). They all came ready to learn and ready to connect with one another, and I’m sure they also came with stress. It’s always stressful when you put yourself out there, when you take a risk, when you make a move, but you know what coming to the BSR did for all of them?

It helped them clean up the mess!

How? Because when you create a plan for your business and you surround yourself with community to help guide and support you, stress lessens. Yes, it’s true. This is just what we did over the 2 day retreat.

When being too busy stresses you out, take a moment and consider the thought of building your team. Think about the immense burden it would take off your shoulders if you had someone working for you even just five hours a week. Clean it up!

When you’re over it, you’re done, you can’t possibly put another positive thought into the day, why? Is it because your plan isn’t there? Is it because you lack direction? Is it because you’re doing it on your own with no advice? Figure it out and clean it up!

Stress is like a big bucket of soapy water that you use to mop the floor. You are the mop and you either give it power or you learn to work with it. You can throw yourself in, twist and turn, and splash onto the floor, soaking everything around you, making a bigger mess…OR you can take your time, figure out the best method, twist out what you don’t need, and carefully get to the task at hand, with final results that are shining.

Clean up the stress this week, guys and gals.

Here are three really easy ways to do just that:

  • Color a picture or draw something (let creativity flow and forget right or wrong)
  • Meditate or breathe deeply (just getting in tune with the body cleanses the mind)
  • Get away from it. (call a friend, exercise, grab a coffee, just relax)

What is your best method to de-stress? I can’t wait to read in the comments below!


Ivy SlaterIvy Slater has built and sold a million dollar business. Now she helps other business owners build not just their dream business, but their dream lives.

As the CEO and Founder of Slater Success coaching she helps her clients develop a plan for success by changing their mindset round money, and then developing a plan for their business to thrive. Because once you focus on what money does instead of what money is, your life will change forever.

Her products, services and programs are designed to help business owners go from also-rans to gamechangers, no matter if they are just starting out or are on the cusp of millions.

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