Enjoy Summer Business Podcasts to Elevate Your Game!

Enjoy Summer Business Podcasts to Elevate Your Game!

Summer is often the time to relax and unwind. Podcasts are a great way to listen and learn, whether working out at the gym, going on a summer hike or hanging out at the beach.

We’ve selected three podcasts that we think you will enjoy.

Break Through the Ceiling of the Mars Venus Fallacy

This is an intriguing headline! What does the Mars/Venus dynamic have to do with business? Master Certified Coach, Christoffel Sneijders, explains what this means in the business sense! Explore this podcast to find out more about the 3 Brains – Head, Heart, and Gut theory and how it can help you with your business.

Balancing Life While Growing Your Business Sustainably

Our expert guest, Brittany Fank says “It’s time to get back to basics and simplify EVERYTHING.” If we simplify our business as it grows by putting systems in place, we will be able to balance our life instead of chasing around playing catch up. For those Moms out there who are trying to balance life, this is a podcast you must take time to hear. You will be glad you took the time for a listen!

The Business Jet Engine

Growing a business can be incredibly hard. Our expert, Martin Riley, talks about the journey of most small businesses as they grow and how the business jet engine takes away the fear and anxiety of the growth curve. He explains how you can take the complex and break it down into simple, easy to use steps with great results. Now that’s something we all need! You will be much better able to plan your business growth after you listen to this podcast.

We hope you enjoy the summer and are rested and rejuvenated for what’s to come this fall.

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