The Power of Saying No! by @APRILintheZONE

The Power of Saying No, Getting Rid of Brain Pickers, and Creating Your 6 Figure Business Faster!

The Power of Saying No, Getting Rid of Brain Pickers, and Creating Your 6 Figure Business Faster!

by April Iannazzone

Do You Have a Hard Time Saying NO and want to learn more about the power of saying no to brain pickers?

If you are nodding your head yes right now, you’ll love this blog post!

Are you a “people pleaser”? Do you find yourself over committing and wasting your time on people and activities that do not fulfill you or bring money into your business?

For a long time it was very hard for me to say no to things I really did not want to do. I found myself wasting so much time grabbing a “quick” cup of coffee with someone that wanted to meet me. Or attending events only because I felt guilty saying no when asked. I also agreed to joint ventures when I knew they would not benefit me or be a good fit for my company.

After I started tapping into my real feelings about committing to these activities and the power of saying no, it just did not sit right with me. I started to keep track of the time and money spent on these activities I realized something needed to change and FAST!!

So I decided to make a list of things I will not waiver on.

Here is a short list of what I say NO to in my business and life:

  • Joint Ventures that are not mutually beneficial
  • Brain Pickers! So many people have a quick question or “just want to know how…” Again these people are TIME-SUCKERS and will never spend a dime on your services. From my experience if they do, it will generally be on your low end program and they will expect you to give them as much time as your high-end clients.Please don’t misunderstand me! I don’t mind given advice here and there or answering a quick question. But please be aware and notice the repeat offenders. You will also find you are not the only one they do this too.
  • “Let’s go grab a coffee or get a bite to eat” I no longer have Face to Face meetings with Brain Pickers or Tire Kickers.
    Conduct a coaching session or reserve a space at an event or program without having it paid in FULL! I learned the hard way with this one! If you start giving your products or services without the full payment you will never come back from it. You will also learn it is the same people that ask for that extension or exception every time.
  • Answering emails and voice mails immediately. If you are like me you get all your notifications on your phone. It is very tempting (especially when you are just starting out and have more free time) to check and answer every correspondence right away. Here is how I was able to put an end to that…I turned off the Facebook notifications to my phone. I now schedule into my calendar when I will check social media. I also have my assistant check my FB once a day and respond to things that do not need my personal attention. Even if I have time to answer the email or voicemail I would intentionally put it off for a few hours or the next time I was at my desk. The reason I do this is because I started to noticed when I responded right away the person expected me to respond ASAP every time and was annoyed when I didn’t.
    Remember you actually train your clients and prospects with your actions!
  • “The world is out to get me” People. You know who I am talking about… the ones that wallow in self-pitty. Those women that only talks about what goes wrong and no matter what they cant catch a break. They have a vision of where they want to go but they are really NOT interested in taking action to change their situation.

By taking a stand and being clear on my list of what to say NO to I never have to take a moment to think about it and allow myself to no longer feel guilty.

Now it’s your turn! What will be on your list? What things will you put your foot down and without wavering say NO to when someone asks? Please post in the comment section below.


 April IannazzoneApril Iannazzone is first and for most a mother of two AMAZING girls, Makayla and Talia! Wife and soul-mate to Steve Iannazzone. April’s businesses are built around her family and the lifestyle SHE has dictated! Once you have that mindset the rest is easy! April helps women step up their feminine power to create the business and lifestyle they deserve.

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