The Power Of Video And 9 Ways To Use It In Your Business

9 Ways to Use Video

by Elaine Slatter

YouTube has over a billion users and each and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of videos.  It is the #1 place we go, because watching a video is so much easier than reading a blog article.  YouTube also goes on to say that the number of channels earning six figures a year increases 50% year over year.  The power of video can’t be denied no matter where you live.

Video Marketing 2How Can You Use the Power of Video?

#1 – Create your own YouTube Channel for your business

Your YouTube Channel is the repository for all your videos.  You can also share them to other sites such as Vimeo, but nothing is more powerful than having them on YouTube. Why?  Because YouTube is owned by Google and we should be loving everything that is related to “Google”.

Once your videos are uploaded to YouTube you can share it everywhere with the YouTube ‘share’ and ‘embed’ buttons.

#2 – Put a compelling video on your website homepage

If you don’t have your own video, you can still upload and embed a related video on your front page.   It helps give you that “Authority” voice.  Even if you are a startup.

#3 – Share your YouTube videos across your social media channels

Videos can be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Make sure you broadcast the right video to the right social media channel.   What is perfect for Facebook, isn’t necessarily the right one for LinkedIn.

#4 – Post your videos on your Facebook business page or your Facebook group

You can also use the Facebook ‘live’ mobile app to post your video straight from your phone to your Facebook page/group for the quick 1 minute video when you have a nugget to share or at an event that you want to share with your tribe.   Videos don’t always have to be professionally created to be effective and powerful.   Many times we are scrolling through our Facebook feed and come across an entertaining video of someone we know and we share it right away.

#5 – Nothing is easier than watching a “how to video”

If you have a complex topic, break it down into easy instructions and post.  Using screen share techniques your audience can follow your point and click instructions and re-run the video or backtrack the video until the topic is clear.

#6 – The Explainer Video

These are animated videos that hold people’s attention and help them understand complex subjects in 2 minutes or less.   Websites such as Visme or Powtoons or let you make your own videos for free as long as you don’t mind their advertising tags.  Video production companies often offer this service as part of a videographer’s package.

#7 – The Recorded TED-EX talk

The power of Ted-Ex talks is vast.   Ted-Ex talks, the intimate one to many chats, have the power to go viral because of the popularity of the Ted-Ex channels and speakers.  Could you become a TED-EX speaker?

#8 – The Video with no voice track

This kind of video with a recorded music background is for visual products such as real estate listings, home staging company videos etc. The power of video, in this case, is how many different places it can be repurposed.

#9 – The introductory video

Why not use the power of video as an introductory tool.  This can be used in open or closed/private/secret Facebook groups.  It is much more personal than reading the text and gives the feeling that participants are attending a live event.

You don’t have to have fancy equipment to make a video.  Perhaps this is why the power of video is so attractive as a marketing tool. All you need is a cell phone, or a computer with a webcam (built-in or add-on), movie making software (free).  Add to this a good microphone and lighting and away you go.    The biggest hurdle is getting over the fear of being on video.  If that is your number one fear, because you aren’t remotely like a spokesperson, then make your product or service the highlight and downplay your own role.

Is turning on the power of video one your 2017 business goals?  Will we be seeing you soon on YouTube?


Elaine SlatterElaine Slatter is a Small Business Expert, founder of  XL Consulting Group and author of the popular book, “Fabulous Fempreneurship”, a complete business guide for women.  XL Consulting Group helps entrepreneurs with market planning, strategy, branding, web design and social media. She has over 30 years of executive business and marketing experience and is ready to help you rocket your business to success.  Elaine is passionate about mentoring women to become successful women entrepreneurs.   To find out more, visit XL Consulting Group or join the Fabulous Fempreneurship mastermind.

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