The Single Reason You're Not Making More Sales by Deb Coman

The Single Reason You’re Not Making More Sales

Email Marketing is the Single Reason You're Not Making More Sales by Deb Coman


Email marketing that nurtures new leads is critical to making more sales.

And revenue is the motivation to keep going. However, without more sales, it’s easy to get frustrated. 

Maybe you have clarity on your message and your target audience. And with a clearly defined strategy, you craft a killer lead magnet. You post and engage on social media and leads start coming. This leads to such frequent new subscriber notifications that you have to shut them off. And now you can turn to other priorities. Client attraction is finally working.

Focused on building out your business, you move ahead. You create your offers, packages, and pricing. Now, if only those sales would start flowing. 

What’s the problem with sales?


Back to Business Basics

An effective sales funnel leads ideal clients on a journey from finding you all the way through to deciding to buy. 

Like many business owners, a compelling free gift is first. But this is only the step one in the process. The customer experience is vital to sales. This series of critical steps turns prospects into paying clients.

Does the start of your lead (and sales!) generation include these?:

  • Highly desirable content topic.
  • Easily consumable format and delivery.
  • Establishes your expertise and credibility.
  • And initiates a meaningful connection with your audience.


Where Good Leads and Sales Get Stalled

Having an email nurture sequence is standard but results vary widely. Capturing new leads fills your sales funnel with potential. And this potential can flourish or get withered away at the list nurturing stage.

Woman generating sales from laptop

Email marketing is the fuel to ignite your sales or the firehose that reduces them to soggy debris. And the process begins with your email nurture sequence or autoresponders.

It’s not enough just to have emails in place and loaded up for delivery. With the right strategy, the way you communicate during these initial contacts can set the stage for connection that leads to sales. Yet, many small business owners don’t recognize the hidden potential in this series of emails. 

Following up with new leads by initiating and nurturing relationships is the foundation for generating more sales.  


Sales Start Here 

Woman emailing to get sales

Review your current practice for new leads. Assess your nurture series of email autoresponders against this criteria:

  1. Are you acknowledging new subscribers with a timely, warm welcome?
  2. Is the reason they signed up being met with high-value, actionable content?
  3. Have you properly and sufficiently introduced yourself, highlighting relevant experience?
  4. Do your emails invite conversation and engagement?
  5. Are you sharing outcome-based results your solution delivers?
  6. Do you address the cost of not solving the problem?
  7. Are they saying “yes” to your next step offer?


Your Next Steps to Better Email Marketing

As you assess your current email practices with a focus on your nurture sequence, make a commitment to address the shortcomings you discover.

Improve your email marketing to set a system in place that creates connection and generates sales. Help new leads see you as their best option so more of your ideal clients say “YES!” to you.



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