Top 3 reasons you should DOUBLE marketing efforts for your speaking business NOW by @KerryHeaps

by Kerry Heaps  | Featured Contributor

These are turbulent times, and the event industry is no exception. If you are considering halting your marketing efforts, here’s three reasons why you shouldn’t.

  1. Meeting planners are more accessible.  Even though most people are required to work from home, they are still answering emails and phone calls. After a few weeks of self-isolation, people are more open to having a conversation then before. Also, because some events have been cancelled for April and May most Meeting Planners are focusing on future events including booking speakers, don’t be shy about picking up the phone.
  2. Events are still being planned.  In the event industry educational content is selected six to twelve months prior to the actual event. For example, current educational slots are being filled for end of year events and early 2021.  These are events that you would not be considered for if you stop marketing now.
  3. Keep your sales momentum going.  The marketing and sales side of this industry has to build momentum, anytime there is a bump in your marketing efforts, and you are not following up with Meeting Planners, you lose the momentum you have built up. Once you start marketing again, you have a certain amount of ramp up time to get back to where you were before.

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